2 Rainbow Six Siege directors leave the development team

2 Rainbow Six Siege directors leave the development team

Two people from Rainbow Six Siege’s core team are saying goodbye to the game.

Creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexander Remy are leaving the Siege development team to “pursue other interests” in Ubisoft. They’ll pass the torch to a new core team spearheaded by game director Leroy Athanassoff. The duo said their farewells and shared their insights in a video posted today.

“The game is now better and bigger and is not only about our vision,” Marquis said. “There was a time during which the game was depending heavily on us, during its genesis, its beginning, but now the game has an extra piece.” The extra element mentioned by Marquis is the player base.

The Siege community gained a life of its own and grew to be an interlocutor for the developing team’s decisions. “The writing goes way beyond what the developers are including, and today, we need to prepare new developers, new people, new teams to be able to embrace that,” Marquis said.

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