23savage heading to the Leipzig Major: ”I am going to win the Major”

23savage heading to the Leipzig Major: ”I am going to win the Major”

One of the youngest carry players of the competitive scene, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon made his breakout only in the TI9 regional qualifiers and although he didn’t actually get to go to The International 2019, his undisputable talent got him a spot into a top tier team right away.

In an interview with AFK Gaming, 23savage said the once TI9 was over, it was Fnatic’s captain, Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong who messaged him asking if he would be up to join the team. But, despite his incredible form in the TI qualifiers, when he got to play his first LAN tournament alongside the best of the best, 23savage was “flustered” by all the pressure. “I think it is getting better now. It takes time to get used to it,” he explained to AFK Gaming.

Heading to the second Major of his professional career he said: “I am really confident that I am going to win the Major. If we train and we go through a bootcamp, I am pretty sure that we can win the Major.”

23savage expressed his disappointment about some of his signature heroes who got nerfed in the latest patches. “I think Juggernaut is the worst hero. It is so bad; no one should ever pick it. Don’t touch it. Morphling is okay, it is still good. Terrorblade is better I guess, but no one ever plays it, I think I might play it,” he said, adding that he didn’t get fully used to the new Morphling and that he sometimes forgets that the hero doesn’t have two health bars and mana pools anymore, “I forget and I die, it is confusing. I want Morph to be the best hero,” he genuinely admits.

Asked about the 7.23 patch changes, 23savage said that he likes them all, that he doesn’t have anything specific that he enjoys more than the rest because he likes everything. ”It is something new and fun to play, it is always fun to learn new things,” he sums up the 7.23 experience.

Towards the end of the interview, the young player gives a piece of advice to those who want to pursue a professional career: “First, you should play solo MMR and get into the top 1,000 in the leaderboards. Then you should start forming a team with skilled players and after that, it kind of depends on each individual.”

Now that he made it to his first big team, 23savage is also ready to speak about his career goal, besides winning the next Major, or qualifying to a TI, he says he wants to win 3 TIs so he can beat OG in this aspect.

23savage will enter the battle for The Leipzig Major trophy on the 18th of January when the tournament is set to begin with 16 teams aligned at the starting line.

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