Aghanim's Labyrinth: The best combination of heroes to win it all

Aghanim's Labyrinth: The best combination of heroes to win it all

Aghanim’s Labyrinth is the custom game that arrived with the TI10 Battle Pass, and it is a blast to play. Valve have outdone themselves with the game, and the best part of it is, it is available to play for everyone, not just Battle Pass owners. The game is a four player co-op, with a total of 12 heroes to chose from.

The first difficulty level (out of four) is relatively easy (maybe even the second one) and teams can get the win with various hero combinations. But as the going gets tough, the composition of heroes does begin to matter quite a bit. Over the weekend, a lot of teams tried their luck in Aghanim’s Trials, and looking at the results, it is clear that there is one combination of heroes that is superior than others! And the combination is….. *drumroll*

Winter Wyvern

A team that has these four heroes has consistently performed well in this weekend’s Aghanim’s Trial’s. Here’s a look at the top 10 teams at the Grand Magus difficulty level from 8th August and 9th August.

In the 20 teams,
-Winter Wyvern features 20 times
-Tusk features 19 times
-Weaver features 18 times
-Sniper features 16 times

It is clear that these four heroes are best suited to defeat Aghanim and not just defeat him, but clear all depths in around 20 minutes! That is insane. Granted that all these players most probably have all abilities unlocked, but it is still quite a feat.

The question that now remains though, is what kind of invent do the heroes go for. Well, there’s a bit a of pattern in that too.

Tusk is the one hero left to build team benefitting items like Vlads and Assault Curiass. Other than that, all the others go for pure damage and attack speed, including Winter Wyvern! If you’ve had dreams of playing carry Winter Wyvern, this is the place to materialize them.

There are a couple of interesting things to note in the invents though. Each team has at least one Bloodthorn, possibly two. With a lot of armor reduction and every hero dishing out a insane amounts of physical damage, it helps to silence a big enemy and hit em’ with crits. But the big takeaway is that all the four heroes have a BKB. And the BKB is bought at the very end, mostly for the last round against Aghamin. The way to do it to pop BKB, get all the debuffs out on Aghanim and just right click the hell out of him. He can throw out all the shards he wants, but for 10 seconds, you don’t have to worry too much about it; and if you have the damage, that is about what it takes to take him down.

Now that this combination has become quite evident, it will be interesting to see if Valve nerf any of these heroes. Even more interesting to wait and watch is whether they will add any news heroes to Aghanim’s Labyrinth. But till then, it’s time to gather four people and spam this combo until the all the difficulty levels are mastered.

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