C9 Perkz on EG loss: "I’m not here to prove anybody else"

C9 Perkz on EG loss: "I’m not here to prove anybody else"

One of the most important moves in the past offseason (and in the history of the competitive League of Legends) has been the swap of the Croatian player, Luka ‘Perkz‘ Perkovic, who left the European G2 Esports to join forces with Cloud9, in the North American LCS, through an 8 million dollars agreement.

After five years with the ninjas, eight LEC titles, and a Mid-Season-Invitational in his pocket, Perkz has initiated a new adventure with another legendary organization.

The 2021 LCS Spring Split ‘Lock In’ tournament started last weekend, and all eyes were on him, as many hopes of Cloud9 fans are now laying on his very well-known skills… but the debut of the mid laner was not as good as expected…

The first game matched Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses, and Perkz managed to get the first blood, but it was not enough for his team to take advantage. In fact, the enemy team dominated the whole game and quickly destroyed Perkz’s impossible dream of not being killed in the whole split.

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In the end, Cloud9 lost to Evil Geniuses with a score of 21-10, and Perkz alone registered a total of seven deaths. Right after that, he granted an interview with the esports website Dexerto.

Obviously we lost, and that blows, but it doesn’t change anything for the season“, Perkz said. “We are doing pretty well in scrims, and – in general – everything is going pretty well“.

Actually, the Croatian mid laner proved he was not wrong at all. We could see how he and his team smashed FlyQuest and Immortals in the next two days. It is true that Perkz’s performance was not as bright as many of us would desire (he even admitted to having “inted” with Yone) but the team showed consistent plays.

But… is that performance worth the price Cloud9 paid for him? When the interviewer touched this topic, Perkz answered clearly:

I don’t actually mind what other people say. I’m not here to prove anybody else [and their opinions] right or wrong. I’m just here for my own personal growth. Doing the best I can in a new adventure.

I don’t really care what the analysts or [other] pro players say because it’s irrelevant to me. I know we’re going to do well as a team. That’s it.

It is obvious that it might be too soon to determine whether the Croatian mid laner fits with his new team or not. After five years with G2 Esports, Perkz has acquired a very personal playstyle that needs to be well mixed with Cloud9’s playstyle, and it takes some time.

Prove of that is that he admitted having felt like really ‘inting’ in the Evil Geniuses game, despite everything was clear on his head:

I just went over the game and in some moments it looks like I’m really inting, but in my head, we wanted to engage there.

If there is no play, it ends up me going 1v5 ⁠— and that’s what it looked like in the replays ⁠— and it’s super int. Maybe that’s the problem, we could not engage, which means I am inting, or we didn’t pull the trigger when we should have“.

The interview came to its end with a sincere addition from the player, who admitted that the team was not on the same page. Nevertheless, Perkz wanted to clear any doubts and also added: “This team is a really good match for me“.

It is just a matter of time to see how the Croatian superstar develops on his new team. For now, we have a date with the North American League of Legends this weekend, when we can watch Cloud9 facing Dignitas in a new series of the ‘Lock In’ tournament!

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