Challengermode adds Finnish Esports League to NEL network

Challengermode adds Finnish Esports League to NEL network

Swedish tech start-up Challengermode has brought in the Finnish Esports League under its National Esports Leagues initiative.

Previously operating independently, the Finnish Esports League will now allow its players to qualify into regional competitions through this new-found partnership.

The Finnish league will utilise Challengermode’s online platform to provide structured competitions for amateur and semi-professional teams. National Esports Leagues is expected to further expand its portfolio of regional competitions throughout 2019.

Jussi Halme, CEO of Finnish Esports League discussed the move: “By joining forces with Challengermode, we are able to not only accelerate the growth of our established leagues but also help the Finnish teams and players reach new heights. Professionalizing the booming esports scene in Finland has been a top priority for us since day one, and with a partner like Challengermode and the tools they are providing us with, we are taking a huge leap forward in that process.”

National Esports Leagues brings together numerous regional leagues in a single ecosystem, aiming to provide “a clear path to the top” for teams. Challengermode is open in admitting that the project is modeled after traditional sports leagues.

Philip Skogsberg, CMO at Challengermode shared his thoughts:“We’re more than excited to include the FEL within our NEL competitions, as it will provide the Finnish esports scene with the longevity and seriousness it deserves. Having previously hosted the FEL as part of the larger Nordic Esports Leagues we can now together with FEL take the competition to the next level by offering local language broadcasts, improved operations and a closer connection to grassroots esports in Finland. Needless to say, we believe this is a great thing for both the NEL project as a whole and the local Finnish esports ecosystem.”

Each country or region in Challengermode’s initiative has its own leagues for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Other regional leagues include those for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Spain (in partnership with DreamHack), France, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Austria, the Balkans, the Baltic states, Benelux, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Czech Republic.

Esports Insider says: With ENCE’s recent triumph at the IEM Katowice Major, a whole bunch of Finnish players may be more inspired than ever to try their hand at competing. Bringing in the FEL to its network of national competitions, Challengermode may be helping to develop the next crop of Finnish talent and that’s an exciting prospect!

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