Chaos bench Infinite, to relocate team's headquarters

Chaos bench Infinite, to relocate team's headquarters

Changes have come to Chaos Esports Club as part of the new year with a roster change and location of the team. The organization opened up the announcement by stating, “when we returned to CSGO we understood that we would be starting over and building from the ground up.”

This is a move in that direction it seems as Chaos goes on to say “We know that can mean a lot of things, especially that changes to plans are necessary to facilitate the growth everyone at Chaos EC is expecting to see this year.”

The first part of the announcement is the benching of Gage “Infinite” Green from the active lineup. The announcement reads that the decision was a mutual one “by all the players.” Infinite is able to explore new opportunities while on the bench it goes on to explain.

The second piece of the announcement is the teams relocation to Phoenix, Arizona. According to the post this is due to “better access to servers while still allowing for affordable living and all the other advantages that came with living in Atlanta,” the previously expected location of the team.

There is no replacement for Infinite as of the time of this post.

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