Dairy MAX, Complexity Partner to Promote Nutrition for Esports, Gaming

Dairy MAX, Complexity Partner to Promote Nutrition for Esports, Gaming

North America based esports organization Complexity Gaming has partnered with Dairy MAX  to promote esports player performance and proper nutrition. While financial details of the partnership were not disclosed, the deal names Dairy MAX as the official nutrition partner of Complexity and will look to educate the esports community on “the importance of building healthy habits, explore the impact of nutrition on cognitive and physical performance, and promote overall well-being.” 

As part of an educational campaign, the two will direct, produce, and host a five-episode educational cooking series titled “Cooking with Complexity,” where viewers can watch players and influencers be taught how to prepare healthy meals. The series will be aimed at esports athletes, casual gamers, and fans alike, giving all access to the educational content that provides insight on healthy food choices and useful recipes.

Other activations will include the companies working together to provide guidance on how to “live a healthy, performance-driven lifestyle in esports.” Dairy MAX will provide resources and nutrition guides to Complexity players, and Dairy MAX will in turn have access to players to support ongoing research into the impact of dairy and nutrition on performance and lifestyle.

According to Complexity, the partnership will build on “the organization’s commitment to advancing the esports industry and creating meaningful relationships that provide holistic support and resources for players’ mental and physical health.” Much like the advanced training room facilities seen in professional and major NCAA sports, Complexity’s headquarters, The GameStop Performance Center (GSPC), is now equipped with performance-enhancing tools, recovery amenities, and mental health resources to promote player wellness and longevity.

As Dairy MAX is also the official nutrition partner of the Dallas Cowboys, players and staff from Complexity will have access to what teams refer to as a Training Table, (a place here they can get the same meals prepared for professional football players) and Cowboys Fit, a premier gym at the Star.

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