DK Khan: "I hope to be the solo carry that my team needs"

DK Khan:  "I hope to be the solo carry that my team needs"

Last week, on January 13th, one of the greatest League of Legends competitions in the world began its 2021 Spring Split: the Korean LCK, whose opening match pitted two veteran teams of this competition against each other: Gen.G and KT Rolster.

From that moment, we have had five days of LCK in a row, with some highlighted games such as DRX vs Afreeca Freecs (last Thursday, on Day 2) or the series between one of the new teams that have just been born in this competition and the last World Champion (which has been renamed): Nongshim RedForce vs DWG KIA.


DAMWON won the series 2-0, which puts them on a two-match win streak after having beaten T1 on Day 3. After this new victory, our colleagues from Inven Global interviewed Kim ‘Khan‘ Dong-ha, the top laner for DK, who was able to perform very well despite his Gnar pick.

Khan showed himself very happy after the second victory of the season, and declared to be very focused, for the upcoming matches.

Nevertheless, the top laner took a moment of fun that day and showed up at his interviews wearing curious eyewear. Sunglasses first, and a ‘Pepe the Frog‘ mask during the PoG broadcast interview, so Daniel ‘Quest’ Kwon, the interviewer, couldn’t resist asking:

Q: You stated in your previous interview that you only wear sunglasses when you’re unhappy. Why did you decide to wear the ‘Pepe the Frog’ mask during the PoG broadcast interview?

A: I was exhausted after such a fierce match against T1, so I wasn’t in the mood to wear it. However, tonight’s match was a lot cleaner than against T1, so I was in the mood for it. 

After that short explanation, it was time to talk about Gnar, a champion that is not at its best moment of strength in the game, but that Khan managed to drive very well on the series.

I feel that he’s a bit shy from being perfectly balanced. His laning phase, team fighting, and split-pushing overall is a bit weak, but because of the champion’s versatility, our team internally ranks him pretty high on the list. However, this champion isn’t that hard to play; there are limits to the champion’s functions. Players will eventually figure out countermeasures against Gnar, so I don’t think that his win rate isn’t going to get better. I predict that he’ll slowly fall off the meta” – Khan said.

Then, the interviewer recalled an interview where Khan said that he was going to “kill” Peanut, the enemy jungler, and as we all could see during the series, the Peanut ganked the top lane many times, which seemed like a reaction to that interview.

Khan confessed that they are really close pals, and cleared that it was not a reaction to his taunt, they had not talked about it (they just talked about grabbing a meal whenever they can), and only wished each other good luck for the series.

The top laner kept talking about his performance and gave his teammates credit for having carried him: “Out of a 100, I’d give myself 75. The 25 points deduction comes from having incredible teammates” – he said.

Q: You’re also known for your wide champion pool as well, and your continued success gets people excited to see which champion you’ll pick next. For this next question, you may answer with a truth or a lie. Are there any pocket picks that you’re preparing for?

A: I can confidently say that I’m able to play all the uncommon picks that have been utilized by other top laners in competitive play. What I’ll end up playing will all be situational, so whether you’re a fan that’s excited to watch what I got in-store, or if you’re my opponent that’s trying to scout information, everyone won’t know when I’ll play something new.

To end the interview, Khan claimed that his personal goal is to become a top laner able to rescue his teammates when they are behind, carry the games when needed, that is why he will work hard to perform at his peak level.


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