Elephant.4AM disastrous debut at CDA-FDC Professional Championship

Elephant.4AM disastrous debut at CDA-FDC Professional Championship

The much anticipated first competitive match for China’s all-star team Elephant.4AM took place today, October 22, in the opening series of CDA-FDC Professional Championship group stage.

Despite having, at least on paper, the strongest roster possible, 4AM looked lost and unable to execute neither a straight forward pushing strategy nor a ganking oriented draft meant to take early control over the game. Their opponents for the debut match were Royal Never Give Up, who ran a Drow Ranger-Puck-Doom trio core and struggled in the laning stage against 4AM’s strong support duo Tiny, Shadow Demon. However, the mid game transition set RNG on a winning trajectory courtesy of Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong’s Puck with an 11-minute Blink Dagger, followed by an 18-minute completed Desolator combined with perfect initiations and team fight positioning. 4AM’s carry Nature’s Prophet and mid lane Leshrac were not allowed to split the map and create enough objective damage to disrupt RNG from playing as five and take the game one victory.

The series went from bad to worse for 4AM, who swapped the Leshrac into a support position for game two and tried to outpace RNG with a carry Nightstalker and a mid lane Windranger, who theoretically should have cut through opposition with Ogre Magi keeping the Bloodlust buff up on them. However, RNG crushed the safe lane with a Sven-Omniknight duo and were able to take early control of the game and snowball towards a crushing 23-3 victory over what’s regarded China’s super star team.

CDA-FDC Professional Championship group stage will unfold until October 25 and has two more series on the schedule for Elephant.4AM, but both are set for this coming Sunday.


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