[EXCLUSIVE] Team Ocean – Jiang 'Tzy' Bo interview

[EXCLUSIVE] Team Ocean – Jiang 'Tzy' Bo interview

Team Ocean recently
withdrew from the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division tournament, with the team
unable to fill their roster in time for the August event. We managed to get a short
interview with a player from the roster just to get some insight into Ocean.

For any that may not know, Ocean formed following the culmination of The International 2019 – two new youth squads appeared from the Chinese region, both owned and run by the Old Boys. With their recent withdrawal from an event, we had a chance to speak to the young squad’s offlane player, Jiang ‘Tzy’ Bo, about the team itself, his own hero choices and their relationship with Blaze and OB.

Hi and thank you for
taking the time to have this chat. So, Ocean and Blaze came about at the same
time – formed following The International 2019 by Old Boys. Do you guys have a
good relationship with the players of Blaze, something like a friendly rivalry

We have a strong relationship with Blaze, and sometimes we visit each other when there is no tournament going on. We are like athletes at the same starting line.

Continuing on that, do
you guys have practice and scrims against the Blaze squad or is it mostly in
the tournaments which you compete against one another?

Yeah, we usually have practice and scrims against each other, but we hardly run into each other in tournaments.

Ocean is a fairly new
team and as it stands now, you are the only player that has really been seen
prior to this squad. How different is it coming from the likes of Vici Gaming
Potential to a something like this?

It is a bit different. Since we are in Ocean, followers who are interested in OB pay a lot of attention to us, so we are under a lot of pressure if we do not perform well.

Considering that, how
was it playing alongside a player such as Ding ‘Dy’ Cong?

Both myself and him take all the tournaments very seriously with our teams and both have the want to win.

Which are your favourite
heroes to play in the offlane in the current patch?

Pangolier, Tusk and Tiny.

Are there any heroes you
enjoy playing that you would like to see changed or are you fairly happy with
how the current game play is?

Overall, I would say that I am happy with the game as it is right now.

 As a team, Ocean
have had several second-place finishes, which can be fairly demoralizing to get
so far, only to fall at the last hurdle. How does the team keep their spirits
up and prepare to fight again?

We will just joke about it, saying we are the classic runner-up. Then we will just sleep, get over it and start again at the tournament.

Thank you, once again,
for taking the time to talk to us and we wish you good luck in the upcoming

Thank you!

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