FURIA Signs Brazilian UFC Fighter Souza as Athlete and Streamer

FURIA Signs Brazilian UFC Fighter Souza as Athlete and Streamer

After announcing poker and chess lineups, esports organization FURIA takes a step further and enters Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) by signing Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu multi-champion and current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Livia Renata Souza. The first fight in which Souza will be representing FURIA is scheduled for March 6 on UFC 259 in Las Vegas.

Souza’s main hobby is gaming, having even won an amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) championship in the past, so besides fighting under FURIA banner, Souza will be also streaming CS:GO and other games on Twitch.

FURIA co-founder André Akkari told The Esports Observer that “we at FURIA are building something bigger than an esports organization, we want to be a social-cultural movement that uses its performance to reach young Brazilians and from all over the world. We created what we call the ‘FURIA method,’ a way of seeing performance through training and psychological support that we are sure will change the way athletes perform. This ‘method’ can be led to any sport, competition, or competitive environment, it is not limited to games in general.”

Akkari also indicated that FURIA will be expanding its participation in different competitions: “We entered MMA with Livia and we can enter other several non-traditional modalities for esports, as long as we find great stories of hardworking people who are looking for constant evolution for long-term results.”

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