LGD destroys IG in LPL Quarter Finals and crashes V5's dreams

LGD destroys IG in LPL Quarter Finals and crashes V5's dreams

A new series of the LPL Quarter Final Playoffs took place today between Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming. After an astonishing stomp, LGD has qualified for semifinals for the first time in 5 years (last time they qualified was summer 2015).

Game 1:


For the first time in 2020 Summer Split, Invictus Gaming chose Kindred for their draft, but LGD jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho answered with a Nidalee with whom he managed to take the first kill of the series after four minutes.

Invictus Gaming quickly responded and took their first kill in the next play, and the next few minutes were pretty calmed until a new rotation from the mid-laners to the top lane ended with another kill for LGD, who took their advantage and were able to put more pressure on the sidelines.

IG took the first Herald, and after a nice gank in the top lane, they got a second kill and the first turret of the game. In the meantime, LGD got the first Drake, and when they were falling behind in the gold score, the whole team rotated to the bot side of the map and started a team fight in which all the IG players died.

IG managed to take the second Drake, and also their second Herald, but LGD didn’t stop keeping their gold advantage. Actually, in the fight for the third drake of the game, they destroyed the enemy team and could get the Baron Nashor for free.

With the Nashor buff, the gold difference peaked and after a new team fight that ended with four IG members dead, LGD won the first game of the series in 24 minutes.

Game 2:


With a Lucian (IG) vs Wukong (LGD) in the top lane, the second game started with a first kill in the bot lane for LGD’s AD Carry, and it was just the beginning of the disaster. LGD managed to take some more early kills from which the gold advantage grew fast.

LGD took the first drake after putting more pressure in the lanes, and the first Herald too. The next minutes were pretty quiet until a long double-gank in the top lane ended with both teams fighting in this lane with terrible results for IG, despite Rookie’s efforts to carry his team.

IG kind of woke up and won a new fight in the mid lane that allowed them to take their first Drake, and also the first turret of the game a few minutes later, but LGD quickly responded with strong pressure in the bot lane that drove them to the first inhibitor turret.

The gold difference didn’t change too much, LGD kept their advantage despite IG took the second Herald. In fact, LGD could take a new drake without troubles, and IG’s Herald did nothing but a bit of damage to the tier 1 turret of the mid lane.

In the minute 20, a new team fight started with, again, terrible consequences for IG, who was once again smashed and could do nothing but stare how LGD took the just-appeared Baron Nashor.

Once again, some minutes later, Rookie tried to lead his team in a team fight where IG could have done much more than they did… because LGD finally destroyed them all and quickly went to the enemy base, destroyed it, and put the 2-0 in the Quarter Finals.

Game 3:


For the third game, Invictus Gaming drafted a very aggressive composition with a Kayle for TheShy, a Syndra for Rookie, and a Bard for Baolan, together with Kindred and Jhin… but they didn’t have the best of the starts.

Once again, LGD took the first kill while all the lanes were very well pushed in their favor. This pressure allowed them to take the first Drake too.

A fight around the first Herald ended with the first successful team fight for Invictus Gaming in these series. They took three kills and the objective, but in the meantime, LGD’s AD Carry took the first turret in the bot lane.

A couple of minutes later, all the players rotated to the top lane, where a new team fight took place, the bloodiest of the game and probably the series, from which the kills-score ended 5-7 in favor of Invictus Gaming.

With that, the gold score was pretty even, and IG started the second drake of the game, but LGD’s MVP of the series, Peanut, managed to steal it!

IG wasted the Herald, and LGD took the second one, which helped them destroying the mid lane tower and put even more pressure on the map. This lead LGD to their third drake, which was followed by a new team fight in the mid lane where LGD killed all their enemies but Rookie.

Obviously, LGD got a free Nashor after that, like in the previous two games, and with its buff, they started pushing the top lane, where a new team fight started.

At first, it looked like IG could win the fight with their Kayle, but LGD was unstoppable. They got an Ace again and took the first inhibitor of the game.

LGD secured their advantage with the Ocean Soul and patiently waited for a new opportunity to crush their opponents, which came at minute 26, in a fight in the bot lane while Peanut was keeping TheShy bussy in the mid lane.

The team pushed the bot lane and quickly destroyed the enemy nexus, winning the series 3-0.

With this result, Victory Five’s dreams are completely over, and their adventures in 2020 just finished. In the meantime, it is important to notice that either Invictus Gaming or FunPlus Phoenix will be out of Worlds this year because they are facing each other in the first round of the LPL qualifiers!

LGD will face JD Gaming in the LPL semifinals next week… how far will they get?

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