Method Dives Into Minecraft Esports – The Esports Observer

Method Dives Into Minecraft Esports – The Esports Observer

UK-based World of Warcraft-focused esports organization Method announced Friday that it is entering into the world of Minecraft esports and content creation.

Method has signed several Minecraft content creators and speedrunners for what it calls its new “Minecraft stream team” focusing on the popular open-world crafting game including K4yfour, Couriway, Feinberg, Dimeax, NiceTwice, and Dowsky.

Method also announced a small-scale competition called “Method Rush: Minecraft Invitational,” which will bring together Minecraft speedrunners who will compete for a share a 3.5K USD prize pool.

Method is best known for its Race to World’s First World of Warcraft speed runs, though recently it has moved into other games such as Path of Exile and now Minecraft.

In January it hired Joel Holmes-Darby, who left London-based EXCEL to join the company as its general manager.

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