Modern Warfare leaker discovers the mid-Season 5 classified weapon

Modern Warfare leaker discovers the mid-Season 5 classified weapon

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone arrived early this morning to the community’s delight. Activision and Infinity Ward are delivering more content than ever in what’s expected to be Modern Warfare‘s last season. Although, some of this content isn’t readily available for players to use or unlock. As per usual, Activision is delaying some additions until later in the season around the halfway point. For the most part, we know what this content entails, but there is one mystery—a new weapon. While nothing is confirmed, a leak may have shown off what this new weapon is.

New weapon discovered in Modern Warfare Season 5?

As with any big update, Modern Warfare leakers were able to dig into the game files and discover new pieces of content. Developers commonly put future additions into the code of the game to prepare for its arrival in an upcoming update.

The Season 5 patch was no different, as data-miners have uncovered some juicy details. However, among the juiciest is an image of the possible classified weapon in Season 5. The leak originates from @BKTOOR_, a known dataminer in the community who has a stellar track record when it comes to leaks of this nature.

From the screenshot in the Season 5 roadmap image, it does appear an LMG is on the docket. According to BKTOOR, this LMG could be named the “Sierrax.” Though, it looks an awful lot like the Titan from Black Ops 3.

Of course, it’s hard to distinguish between most LMGs as they all look somewhat the same. Regardless, it appears that the Sierrax is likely arriving with the mid-Season 5 update in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. When that update is arriving is still yet to be announced.

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