Neon Esports upset TNC Predator to go top of the SEA DPC League standings

Neon Esports upset TNC Predator to go top of the SEA DPC League standings

Week two of the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit League would come to an end today with TNC Predator and Neon Esports going head-to-head in the first series of the day.

Having had a rough start to their 2021 DPC League run, going down to Execration in their first series of the year, TNC managed to pull things back to even ground when they took down Vice Esports early in the second week of action. Today they would face another closed qualifier squad, one that had already proven their brilliance in week one of the SEA DPC League with two solid victories – Neon Esports.

On paper, TNC were by far the better team, having a wealth of experience as a team although having a tough time in 2020. However, Neon were no easy opponent and they showed it in game one as they drafted a position five Troll Warlord and utilised it to punish their opponent’s lineup. While the game lasted almost 50-minutes, there was no point in which TNC were given a window of opportunity as Neon controlled the entire map with their unconventional support pick and claimed a stunning series lead.

Now facing their second defeat of the League season in as many weeks, TNC needed a victory to stay in the series – and they decided to go with a strong lineup with both crowd control and saves in the form of Oracle and Shadow Demon. While the game was extremely chaotic, with long, drawn-out team fights, TNC managed to utilise their lineup perfectly to tie the series at 1-1. After two epic games of action, both teams seemed primed for an epic decider and it was Neon who showed up big. While TNC were able to find some great pick offs, Neon controlled the pace of the game and, although the previous games went over 50-minutes each, Neon had already toppled two lanes of barracks by the half hour mark this time around.

With some masterful plays and an almost entirely unkillable Wraith King from John Anthony “Nastumi-“ Vargas, Neon were relentless as they took a 2-1 series win. The win for Neon is another fantastic showing from the squad, who now move to the top of the SEA DPC League rankings – with Fnatic close behind and with a series in hand. For TNC, they will have some time to work on things before their next series against T1 on February 6th.

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