Prêmio eSports Brasil Confirmed in Brazil for 2020

Prêmio eSports Brasil Confirmed in Brazil for 2020

Prêmio eSports Brasil producers GO4IT Capital and Grupo Globo announced Thursday that the event will take place sometime in December in Brazil. The announcement comes in an uncertain moment for most live events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected Brazil in a major way. At the time of writing  Brazil is the world’s epicenter of the disease, according to the World Health Organization.

Prêmio eSports Brazil is the most important prize in Brazil for the local esports industry. According to the event’s Head of Marketing and Communication Thiago Milhazes, the ceremony is still planned to take place in a physical venue with guests, while also restricting the number of invites and respecting safety measures. However, this decision may change according to how infections are contained and minimized in the months leading up to the event.

The most important aspect, as Milhazes told The Esports Observer, is to make sure the event holds a suitable format for TV, as it is broadcasted by Globo in its pay-TV channel SporTV. For this year’s prize, qualitative aspects will be taken more into consideration than quantitative ones, as for the past editions the audience numbers had a bigger impact on the results.

There are still no sponsorship deals finalized for this year’s edition of the event, but negotiations are currently underway. Last year the event had the support of telecommunications company Oi, bank Banco do Brasil, Domino’s Pizza, Lenovo, Fusion Energy Drink, and Puma.

The Prêmio eSports Brasil features the best players, organizations, and personalities of the Brazilian esports scene since 2017. Producer GO4IT Capital is a big investor of esports initiatives, having shares in companies such as Final Level and G2 Esports, while Globo is the biggest communications group in Brazil.

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