Reports say Maybe and fy left PSG.LGD

Reports say Maybe and fy left PSG.LGD

The Chinese tier one competitive scene is undergoing shuffle movements this month and the first bit of reports are citing that the PSG.LGD legends Xu “fy” Linsen and Lu “Somnus/Maybe” Yao have already signed with a new team.

Sources told to VPEsports that the two of them will be featured in the starting line-up of 4AM, one of the biggest Chinese PUBG organizations. 4AM is looking to expand in the new season to the Dota 2 field and while no official confirmation came from LGD or from Maybe and fy as of yet, 4AM have announced earlier today on Weibo their entrance into the Dota 2 field.

The post is made by Sun “Longshenjue” Haoming, 4AM manager and it translates “The project is being formed. Stay tuned!”

4AM was formed in November 2017 by the LGD League of Legends former mid lane player Wei “GodV” Zhen, who after ending his LOL career switched to PUBG and became a top player in that discipline as well.

Apart from reportedly signing the two biggest PSG.LGD players for his new Dota 2 project, rumors have it that GodV has also secured a few other big names from the Chinese scene and one of them is Zhang “Eurus/ Paparazi灬” Chengjun.

While VG have not announced anything official just yet, they’ve also posted a picture today on their Weibo account with Bai “rOtK” Fan surrounded by all his players except Eurus.

The post translates: “Slippers Dota, best Dota. Guess what we are doing here?”

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