Team Liquid secure Immortal playoffs spot at OMEGA League

Team Liquid secure Immortal playoffs spot at OMEGA League

Team Liquid and 5MEN were set to duel in a best-of-three series the play-in stage for a spot into the playoffs of OMEGA League on the 30th of August, but after three remakes of the same first game due to Dota 2 servers instability, the match-up was postponed for today.

The series kicked off with 5MEN controlling the first 30 to 35 minutes of the first game with a pushing line-up revolved around Luna, Beastmaster, and Death Prophet, however they weren’t able to hit their timings and were severely punished by Liquid’s late game Spectre draft.

Headed into the second game, 5MEN went with a global map presence provided by a mid lane Nature’s Prophet and a support Io and hoped to set a fast tempo with Arc Warden in the carry position. Their plan was countered by Liquid, who answered with Ancient Apparition to minimize the healing power and a last pick Invoker that helped them match the high tempo of the game. 5MAN managed to apply pressure on Liquid’s lanes in the first 15 minutes, but their line-up faded away once Michael “miCKe” Vu on Faceless Void was ready to join the fights. 

While for Team Liquid, the play-in victory assures them a spot into the playoff portion of the Immortal division, for 5MEN the loss comes with relegation into the Divine division. Team Liquid will now join, and Alliance into the first round of the Immortal lower bracket and 5MAN will go into the Divine upper bracket semifinals, where they will play versus NAVi for a spot into the finals tomorrow, September 2. 


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