Teams Praise Ubisoft’s Expanded Rainbow Six Siege Revenue Share Plan

Teams Praise Ubisoft’s Expanded Rainbow Six Siege Revenue Share Plan

Earlier this week, Ubisoft revealed that its Rainbow Six Siege revenue share program will undergo a significant expansion, implement a three-tier system, and run for at least four more years. The Esports Observer spoke with several teams regarding the announcement and what it means for organizations in the game’s ecosystem.

Ubisoft launched its Revenue Share Pilot Program in 2018 with 10 teams. Organizations have praised the publisher in the past for not only the company’s communication regarding its program relative to other esports rights holders, but also the revenue generation potential of the program itself. In a recent interview with DBLTAP Esports, Cloud9 President Dan Fiden stated that the company “makes more money” from Rainbow Six than it does from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (a substantially bigger esport) as a result of the revenue share program.

Current R6 world champion organization Spacestation Gaming participated in the latest iteration of the program. Co-Owner and General Manager Shawn Pellerin told TEO that “Ubisoft has built a very lucrative program that will bring guaranteed ROI to organizations within its ecosystem, scaling around a model of their tier system which benefits teams who invest more into the growth of the scene and their team’s development.”

Other organizations are looking forward to their likely participation in R6 SHARE. Matt “Burns” Potthoff, general manager for eUnited, said he believes Ubisoft has “provided a clear roadmap for organizations to sustain their investment and give back to the players who compete at the highest level. Having a developer in the esports industry come to organizations with a four-year plan is ambitious and provides a ton of excitement for everyone involved.”

TSM President Leena Xu said her organization is pleased with the program. “With our team’s recent move to Vegas, we continue to find new ways to invest in the league and look forward to the future of R6 esports.”

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