The Gaming Stadium partners with Daily Hive for new esports series – Daily Esports

The Gaming Stadium partners with Daily Hive for new esports series – Daily Esports

Canada-based Esports center The Gaming Stadium has teamed up with Daily Hive for a new esports signature series. Daily Hive, known as western Canada’s largest online-only publication, will kick off the series with a Valorant tournament. The games will run from August 22 – 23, with a $2,000 CAD prize pool. Both companies hope to push the development of Canadian esports through this ground-breaking partnership.

The competitions, part of The Daily Hive Signature Series, will be spread out through a 12-month period. Each tournament will vary between games and length as the Series features different gaming communities each month. Starting the Series will be its upcoming Valorant tournament taking place at the end of August. The competition is free to enter, and interested gamers can watch the games live on Twitch. Additionally, this is an opportunity for anyone in North America to participate. Opening the registration to all kinds of players is what TGS and Daily Hive originally had planned.

Targeting a wide range of players and viewers

Manny Bahia, Co-founder of Daily Hive, added a few words regarding the new partnership. “We are excited to bring increased esports content to our mass audience,” he said, “The Gaming Stadium has brought the excitement of competitive gaming to the forefront in Canada and we are looking forward to this partnership to amplify esports to the mainstream. We are aiming to foster our relationship with our audience who are currently gamers and attract more gamers to the TGS platform.”

CEO of TGS Spiro Khouri added that the events give opportunities for partners to reach the massive audience of both companies combined. “Our event later this month is the first in what will surely be a series of fierce and exciting competitions – a huge win for all involved.”

Additionally, TGS will use it’s production expertise to generate these monthly events. In the past, TGS has held tournaments for games such as League of Legends and Fortnite in a large space. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the tournament will be entirely online, with players communicating through Discord. Viewers who want to watch the games take place can do so on Daily Hive’s Vancouver channel, or TGS’s Twitch channel.

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