The next Rainbow Six Siege limited-time mode might be a cooperative heist

The next Rainbow Six Siege limited-time mode might be a cooperative heist

Get your crew ready for the job.

Rainbow Six Siege has had several limited-time events that add fun and unique game modes for players to enjoy. But one Rainbow Six Siege player may have discovered the next limited-time mode, which might allow players to work together to crack safes on a familiar map.

Roly Noly is a credible source who’s leaked Rainbow Six Siege information in the past. Earlier today, he tweeted a clip of a new game mode known as “Gang Destruction Event.”

The clip shows the old version of Hereford Base but with no visuals and environmental changes. The map features paintings and statues that give it a wealthy manor aesthetic, which may tie into the game mode’s theme.

The map features a couple of safes that players need to capture and have their own unique custom animations. Roly Noly also said the mode seems to be a three-player co-op game, so players may need to work together to crack the safes while dealing with bots.

One of the biggest features of the game mode is that every floor on the map is reportedly completely destructible. Players can shoot through and create holes in floors in normal matches, but there are usually metal bars that prevent players from falling. These are reportedly removed in this game mode, which would add a new and unique way of dealing with enemies and possibly navigating the map.

Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed any new limited-time modes or another rework of Hereford Base, so it’s unclear when (or if) this mode will be released.

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