Dead By Daylight Cross-Play Is Now Live

Dead By Daylight Cross-Play Is Now Live

Dead by Daylight has now introduced cross-play, letting you survive the horror game with friends across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This follows Behavior linking up the Steam and Windows 10 communities with cross-play.

According to the announcement, this also came alongside cross-friends functionality, letting you keep one unified friends list. The studio had previously mentioned cross-progression on Stadia in September. Cross-play or progression doesn’t appear to be in the cards for the mobile version.

Behavior Interactive says Dead by Daylight has reached more than 25 million players across all platforms, with about 1 million players daily. With most of those communities now able to play together, the share of players who can all join together is much bigger.

Dead by Daylight was released in 2016, and received a 6/10 in GameSpot’s Dead by Daylight review. It has continued to be updated since then with new content and crossovers with other horror games like Silent Hill.

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