Fortnite: How To Collect Metal At Hydro 16

Fortnite: How To Collect Metal At Hydro 16

Fortnite: Season 3’s Week 9 challenges arrive later this week. One of them asks you to collect metal at Hydro 16. Hydro 16 isn’t a named location so it may be difficult for some to find. This guide will help you track it down and complete the challenge it no time. As you can see on our map below, it’s located fairly evenly between a few other named areas.

These challenges leaked early. However, you can try them for yourself now that August 13 has arrived.

Where Is Hydro 16?

Hydro 16 is a dam located on the D7 tile of the map southeast from Weeping Woods. It’s got multiple metal generators, brick buildings, and tons of cars scattered around it. Check this map out for an exact location:

You’ll need to collect 200 metal while there. It shouldn’t be a problem as there are plenty of sources of metal including generators, control consoles inside the buildings, and various other objects.

What Do I Get For Completing The Challenge?

You’ll earn 35,000 experience points for collecting metal at Hydro 16. Check out our other guides for Week 9 challenges, including how to stoke campfires at Camp Cod, and our complete Season 3 challenge hub. Feeling less sweaty than usual? Why not try to run your own Fortnite taxi service or gas station?

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