Mario Kart Tour Adds A Mario 64 Boss And More In Latest Event

Mario Kart Tour Adds A Mario 64 Boss And More In Latest Event

A new event has begun in Mario Kart Tour. This week marks the start of the Pirate Tour, and it introduces another classic course to the game, as well as a new kart and two new playable racers.

The aforementioned course is Airship Fortress from Mario Kart DS. This track has players racing around the exterior and interior of one of Bowser’s flying airships, with Rocky Wrenches, Bullet Bills, and other hazards littering the path.

The Pirate Tour also introduces two new racers to the game’s ever-expanding roster. First is Pirate Bowser Jr., who is outfitted with a pirate hat, eye patch, and cutlass. Pirate Bowser Jr. is currently spotlighted alongside the new Pirate Sushi Racer kart, but the Pirate Tour will also add King Bob-omb from Super Mario 64 as a playable racer.

The Pirate Tour runs until August 25. Collect enough Grand Stars during the event and you’ll be able to earn rubies, Dry Bones, and other gifts, while Gold Pass holders can unlock a Boo Hanafuda glider and other rewards during the tour.

Last month, Nintendo rolled out a big update for Mario Kart Tour that added a landscape mode and made a few other adjustments to the game. Another Nintendo mobile game, Dr. Mario World, also received a big update recently, which introduced 8-bit Dr. Mario to the game along with a new Skill Summit mode that lets you earn additional rewards.

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