Pokemon Go Deoxys Raid Guide: Weaknesses, Counters, And More Tips

Pokemon Go Deoxys Raid Guide: Weaknesses, Counters, And More Tips

Pokemon Go’s second Ultra Unlock event–Enigma Week–is now underway, and as part of the event, the Mythical Deoxys is returning to Raids. The DNA Pokemon will appear as a five-star Raid boss until August 14, and this time around, you’ll have a chance to catch a Shiny Normal Forme Deoxys. If you’re looking to add the Mythical Pokemon to your collection, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you battle and catch Deoxys below.

Deoxys Raid Hours

Deoxys will appear in five-star Raids throughout Enigma Week, which runs from August 7 until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on August 14. These Raids will occur periodically, but you’ll receive an in-game notification when a Raid is about to begin at a nearby Gym.

Deoxys Weaknesses And Counters

Like Mewtwo, Deoxys is a pure Psychic type, which makes it vulnerable to Ghost, Dark, and Bug Pokemon. What makes Deoxys different from most other Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, however, is that it’s able to assume four different forms: Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Each of these counts as a separate Pokemon in Go, and they all have different stats and movesets, so you’ll need to keep the form in mind before challenging Deoxys.

Other Legendary Pokemon, particularly Giratina, Darkrai, and Genesect, will be especially helpful against Deoxys if you have them. Chandelure, Tyranitar, Scizor, and Hydreigon will also deal super-effective damage to it, as will Gengar and any Mewtwo that knows Shadow Ball. However, Gengar’s part-Poison typing means it’ll take super-effective damage in return from Deoxys, so it likely won’t last too long in battle.

Pokemon To Avoid

Poison and Fighting Pokemon have a severe disadvantage against Psychic types, so you’ll want to avoid bringing those along when you battle Deoxys. As previously mentioned, Deoxys’ moveset will vary depending on what form it takes, so different forms will have different elemental attacks.

In addition to their Psychic moves, each Deoxys form can possibly know Electric attacks, which will deal a lot of damage to any Water and Flying Pokemon you have. Attack Forme Deoxys can also know Dark-type moves, which will be super-effective against your own Psychic Pokemon. Finally, Defense Forme Deoxys may use Fighting attacks, which will hit Rock and Dark Pokemon–especially Tyranitar–strongly. Keep the form that you’re facing in mind when assembling your team and you’ll be able to defeat Deoxys.

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