Pokemon Go May Community Day Detailed

Pokemon Go May Community Day Detailed

Niantic has detailed Pokemon Go’s next Community Day event. May’s Community Day will take place next Sunday, May 24, and this time, the featured Pokemon will be the Grass-type Seedot.

Like April’s Community Day, this month’s event will run for six hours instead of the usual three, from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. During that window, Seedot will appear in the wild much more frequently than normal, and you’ll have your first chance to encounter a Shiny Seedot in the game.

If you can power up Nuzleaf (Seedot’s evolved form) into Shiftry by 7 PM local time–two hours after the Community Day ends–it’ll learn the event-exclusive move Bullet Seed, which it normally can’t otherwise learn in Pokemon Go. This applies to any Nuzleaf that evolve within the designated time frame, even if you’ve caught them prior to the Community Day.

Just as last month, Niantic will also hold an exclusive Special Research story quest during May’s Community Day. The questline is called Seeing Double and will offer rewards like Incenses, Golden Razz Berries, and other items. However, you’ll need to purchase a virtual ticket for $1 USD to gain access to the story quest.

Rounding out May’s Community Day are a few other in-game bonuses. First, you’ll earn triple the usual amount of XP for catching Pokemon during the event. Any Incenses you use will also last for three hours rather than the usual 30 minutes.

During the Community Day, Niantic will host its first-ever 24-hour livestream on the Pokemon Go YouTube channel. The stream kicks off at 6 PM PT on May 23 and gives you a chance to “watch Seedot and other Pokemon play in the wild.” You can read more about May’s Community Day on the official Pokemon Go website.

In other Pokemon Go news, the Legendary Pokemon Virizion has returned to five-star Raids until May 19. Niantic is also holding Pokemon Go’s second Incense Day on May 17. During the event, you’ll have a chance to encounter Shiny Carvanha. You can catch up on other Pokemon Go news below.

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