Pokemon Home Is Addressing Hacked Pokemon

Pokemon Home Is Addressing Hacked Pokemon

The Pokemon Company is implementing new measures to curb hacked Pokemon in Pokemon Home. The company released a new notice within the app that acknowledged the issue and announced it is taking steps to “address the presence of these altered Pokemon.”

“It has come to our attention that some users have deposited Pokemon with altered attributes to Pokemon Home, causing the app to function in ways that were not intended,” the notice begins. “In response, we will be addressing the presence of these altered Pokemon in Pokemon Home.”

The notice does not go into further details about the anti-cheat measures that are being implemented to combat this issue, but it does note that the referenced Pokemon cannot be obtained through Home’s trading features, so it appears there’s no risk of inadvertently obtaining these hacked monsters from other players.

The mobile version of Pokemon Home recently received a 1.2.1 update, which implemented numerous quality-of-life improvements. Most notably, users can now deposit multiple Pokemon at a time in the Wonder Box, and the GTS’s search filters have been improved. The Battle Data feature also now displays the most commonly used Natures, held items, and other details for the top-ranking Pokemon in online competitions.

In other Pokemon news, another Max Raid event is currently underway in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Until August 31, Ground and Water Pokemon like Gastrodon, Milotic, Quagsire, and Gigantamax Drednaw and Sandaconda will appear more frequently in Max Raid dens. Sword and Shield players can also now claim a free Porygon2 until August 31.

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