Pokemon Home Will Offer Different Features On Switch And Mobile

Pokemon Home Will Offer Different Features On Switch And Mobile

The Pokemon Company has shed more light on Pokemon Home, the upcoming cloud storage service set to launch in February 2020. The service will be available on both Nintendo Switch and smartphones, and it appears some features will be exclusive to each version.

Using the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Home, players will be able to store Pokemon from Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee and Pokemon Sword and Shield in one place. Additionally, the Switch version allows users to exchange Pokemon Home Points for Battle Points, a special type of currency used to purchase battle-focused items in Sword and Shield.

The mobile version, meanwhile, gives players the ability to trade Pokemon using the returning GTS and other trading options, as well as receive exclusive Mystery Gifts. On top of that, the mobile version displays more detailed information about a Pokemon, such as its Abilities and what moves it is able to learn. You can also use the mobile version to receive news updates and check battle data for Sword and Shield’s online competitions, although this functionality will be added sometime after the service launches.

A number of features, such as the ability to see a Pokemon’s base stats using the Judge function, are also available across both versions. You can also use both Switch and mobile versions to transfer monsters from Pokemon Bank to Home. To make the transfer process easier, The Pokemon Company is letting players use Pokemon Bank for free for one month after Pokemon Home launches.

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You can see the breakdown of features that are available in each version of Pokemon Home below. More details about the service can be found on the official Pokemon Home website.

Pokemon Home is slated to launch sometime next month. The service will be available in free and paid tiers, the latter of which includes a handful of exclusive perks–like the ability to transfer Pokemon over from Pokemon Bank–and offers much greater storage capacity. Premium subscriptions will cost $3 for one month, $5 for three months, and $16 for 12 months.

Pokemon Home – Switch vs. Mobile Features

Feature Nintendo Switch version Mobile version
Move Pokemon with Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Available Unavailable
Move Pokemon with Pokemon Sword and Shield Available Unavailable
Move Pokemon with Pokemon Bank Available Available
Judge Pokemon Available Available
Trade Pokemon Unavailable Available
Receive Mystery Gifts Unavailable Available
Check Battle Data Unavailable Available
Check News Unavailable Available
Exchange Pokemon Home Points for Battle Points Available Unavailable

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