10 Best Fashion Disasters In Gaming

10 Best Fashion Disasters In Gaming

In general, video game characters have a fantastical sense of style. Many times, outfits are impractical, especially in action games. Although an outfit may be impractical, it can still look good. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Sometimes, a character just has a bad sense of fashion.

Here, we are going to go over some fashion disasters in video games. This will include outfits that, if existed in real life, would be very bizarre. It's important to note that these characters mentioned may be good, but their wardrobe definitely isn't. This is a fun and lighthearted list; we still love these characters! Without further ado, let's take a look at the first fashion disaster in video games.

10/10 Tidus – Final Fantasy 10

First, to no one's surprise, we have Tidus. This is the main character from Final Fantasy 10, and is wearing quite an interesting outfit. He really embraces the asymmetrical style, with one pant leg a bit longer than the other.

You can also find a shirt/overall combo, with straps going over a very cropped jacket. As an honorable mention, Lulu from Final Fantasy 10 also has a very impractical and bizarre outfit, complete with a plethora of buckles making up her skirt.

9/10 Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Sora is the main character from the Kingdom Hearts series. Throughout the series, he sports a few different outfits. One that definitely earns a spot on our list is the Kingdom Hearts 2 outfit. Along with his classic baggy pants and clown-like shoes, Sora has some bright yellow straps crossing over the front of his pants.

Like Tidus, Sora is a victim of too much going on. He also has a cropped jacket, as well as red bags hanging from his hips. If you look closely enough, it also seems like he has metal pauldrons on top of his jacket, slightly tucked under his hood.

8/10 Tingle – The Legend Of Zelda

Next up, we have Tingle the Elf. This is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series, wearing a very unique outfit. The full green body suit is complete with a small red pair of underwear on top. Tingle’s body suit also, somehow, forms perfectly around his ears.

In Breath of the Wild, Link can acquire Tingle’s outfit as well. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit of a nightmare, giving Link a pointy head.

7/10 Christie Monteiro – Tekken

For this list, we’re straying away from adding overly exposing outfits. In video games, many female characters have an incredibly small amount of clothes, even if the clothes itself are cute. This is not the case for Christie Monteiro.

This Tekken character sports a pair of pants with hip cutouts, as well as a gold and red bikini top. On her hands, you can find a pair of gloves with a feather sticking up from them. Overall, this outfit is a little mismatched.

6/10 Voldo – Soulcalibur

Voldo is a character you can choose to fight with in the Soulcalibur series. There have been a few different variations to Voldo’s outfit, but what remains constant is the straps covering his face and the blades attached to his hands.

Voldo wears a surprisingly little amount of clothes. In the series, one of his outfits consists of leg armor, and a bunch of straps covering the rest of his body. Something about this outfit, combined with the backbends he does to move around is very unsettling.

5/10 Nooj – Final Fantasy X-2

Nooj is a character from Final Fantasy X-2. Right as you look at him, his hair stands out. Coming out of the top of his head is a stiff piece of hair that almost reaches the floor.

In typical Final Fantasy fashion, Nooj has an asymmetrical outfit that has an unnecessary amount of straps. On top of all of this, he wears a strange combination of clothing, with no cohesive theme.

4/10 Korcha – Chrono Cross

This entry speaks for itself. Korcha is a character from Chrono Cross, sporting tiny red underwear-like bottoms and a small vest. Instead of shoes, Korcha has a few bandages wrapped around his feet.

Of course, we can’t forget about his hair. Korcha seems to have a mohawk, although it looks very prickly. Overall, Korcha also stands out amongst other characters in the game, such as Serge, who wears a t-shirt and shorts.

3/10 Kent – Amnesia Memories

Amnesia Memories is an otome game where you play as a heroine who lost all of her memories. There are four different routes you can take, and all the love interests are pretty well dressed, with the exception of Kent. This love interest has a floor-length trench coat, and a sleeve that is absolutely loaded with buckles.

The character art of this game is a bit exaggerated, with long and slim figures. Combined with the trench coat, Kent looks like a buckle salesman.

2/10 Luso Clemens – Final Fantasy Tactics

The last Final Fantasy character we have on our list is Luso Clemens. Like the other Final Fantasy entries on our list, Luso just has too much going on. Luso seems to combine every design choice into one.

He has oversized pants with a small overall piece that goes over a small red shirt. Both of his arms are full of various armor pieces, and to top it off, he has a combination belt and handkerchief with a huge bag attached. There is a lot happening in the outfit, making it a bit hard to tell what is going on.

1/10 Fiore Brunelli – Star Ocean

Lastly, we have Fiore Brunelli, who is a main character from Star Ocean. From just a quick glance, Fiore seems to be wearing a revealing checkerboard top. This extends down to her legs though, making it appear like one giant suit.

Obviously, this outfit is impractical. If she moves a little too much, the cutouts could shift around her body. Aside from that, how in the world does she put this on? When she gets dressed, do her feet get stuck in all the holes?

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