10 Of The Oddest Weapons In Final Fantasy

10 Of The Oddest Weapons In Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy has a wide range of weaponry, from swords to guns to magical staves. These are the classics of the RPG genre, and Final Fantasy represents them well.

There are, however, quite a few weapons that pop up over the series’ long history that raise more than a few questions. Whether they are the signature weapons of specialized characters or the tools of some esoteric class, they certainly make an impact. These weapons are the ones that make you tilt your head and ask what the developers thought when they added them into the game.

10 Megaphones

Cait Sith is inevitably one of the more recognizable users of unconventional weaponry in the Final Fantasy series. You’ll pick up various varieties of megaphones throughout the game, and it’s the fan unfavorite Cait Sith who uses them.

It does make sense when you think about it, however. Cait Sith is specifically the cat riding on top of the large Moogle doll, and he uses the megaphone to command it to attack. However, how the different types of megaphones make the Moogle more or less powerful is a completely different question.

9 Bells

Bells are associated strongly with Geomancers in Final Fantasy, most notably in the fifth installment, where the class makes your characters dress up in pajamas and swing bells around as their main method of attacking. Well, bells or knives.

However, bells aren’t alone in being instruments used as weapons in Final Fantasy. Harps are used by Edward in Final Fantasy 4 and Bards in Final Fantasy Tactics. In the former, the prince of Damcyan uses the magic power of music to attack, and in the latter… enemies get bonked over the head.

8 Gunblades

Is it a sword? Is it a gun? Well, both. Gunblades are featured in Final Fantasy 8, 13, and 14, and they’re a bit different in each title. They debuted as the signature weapons of Squall and Seifer – in this game, gunblades are simple swords with a gunpowder cartridge attached that can be fired to cause a harsh vibration along the blade. This deals more damage, somehow.

The wackiest iteration is certainly 13’s, though. Lightning’s gunblade can switch between sword and gun forms like some non-vehicular Transformer. That said, she makes it work, and her combat style certainly looks very cool.

7 Balls

Alongside standard swords and devastating magic foci, Wakka comes along in Final Fantasy 10 with his Blitzballs. Blitzball is a mashup of rugby and basketball, but underwater. Rugby balls and basketballs can pack a wallop. Enough to kill fiends, though? Wakka must have incredible arm muscles.

It does make sense that the ranged option in this game is a thrown one, though. The religious authority forbids guns, and Wakka himself is quite an ardent follower, so he’s obviously not going to use one. A bow might have made more sense, but why have a bow when you can chuck a ball at your foes to kill them?

6 Measures

Possibly one of the oddest “weapon” types on this list, measures originate from Final Fantasy 12, and they’re a niche weapon even there. You see, they’re used in a very particular way – you hit your allies with them to give them nice status effects.

While this sounds great as a mechanic, it doesn’t work all that seamlessly with the game’s Gambit feature, and the positive status spells are just more convenient while not damaging your allies in the process. That said, there’s something neat about giving a pal Regen by whacking them over the head with a ruler.

5 Souls

You’ll find souls as weapons in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where they are the weapon of choice of the Morpher class. When a Hunter captures an enemy in FFTA, you’re provided with a copy of that creature’s soul.

Morphers not only use these souls to learn and use that monster’s abilities in battle but the weapon’s stats are directly tied to the captured monster in question. You can feed and care for the monsters to boost their stats and turn your Morphers into absolute powerhouses.

4 Forks

How hungry do you have to be to create a fork as gigantic as those in Final Fantasy 9? Ask Quina; they are the one cutting up and sometimes even eating monsters with them. The battle fork is a fitting weapon for a gourmand, at least.

As funny as the image is, Quina makes for a decent physical combatant with their forks – especially with Add Status equipped, as many forks have devastating status effects attached to them.

3 Books

Books are the signature weapon of the Scholar class. Most recently, we’ve seen them used in Final Fantasy 14 by Arcanists, Scholars, and Summoners alike, but the weapon dates back to Final Fantasy 3. It has since made various spin-off appearances in games such as FF Tactics and FF Type-0.

These weapons are usually not very good for physical combat; rather, they augment magical power. Each book was associated with a particular element in their original appearance, boosting corresponding attacks.

2 Brushes

Relm Arrowny takes the prize for the weirdest weapon in Final Fantasy 6 quite easily. She is an artist who uses brushes in battle and can even use them to create magical duplicates of her enemies that attack for her.

While they are awful for her physical attacks, every paintbrush in the game will boost Relm’s magical aptitude, rooting her solidly in the role of a caster.

1 Rackets

Final Fantasy 9 has two characters who can use these sporty weapons, Garnet and Eiko. They look like lacrosse sticks and are magically aligned, shooting wind-elemental pellets of magic and teaching useful spells such as Reflect and Might.

While the mages’ ultimate weapons are not Rackets, they will always be useful as a long-range weapon option, giving them something to use that isn’t an MP-hungry Eidolon.

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