10 Outriders Servers Down Memes That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

10 Outriders Servers Down Memes That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

Outriders is a new sci-fi RPG game released across a variety of platforms in April 2021. It was developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. The demo of the game had gained a lot of attention from gamers and the quality of the game had been evident from the limited gameplay available. After experiencing the demo there were many fans of the game that were eagerly waiting for release day to come around.

Installation time aside, there did not seem to be much to stop players from digging their teeth into the full game. However, as with most new releases there were bugs and glitches that became apparent to the masses. The main one being servers crashing repeatedly over release weekend, leading to some fans creating some hilarious memes.

10 See You Tomorrow

The excitement for Outriders was so massive that many fans did not write the game off altogether at the glitches. In fact, many logged in each day or even every hour to see if the server problems had been fixed. It says a lot about the potential of a game for players to be so desperate to play it.

9 Restarting After Crashing

In Outriders there are different world tiers that players can unlock and the world tiers get progressively harder. The increased difficulty of the game is welcome to many players. However, when they are nearly at the end of a mission and the server crashes they experienced a lot of pain, including this Instagrammer.

Even for the most experienced gamer, nothing feels quite as painful as being so close to defeating a challenging level and then being sent back to the start. Outriders is an online game, therefore there are certain checkpoints and areas gamers will be sent back to after crashes.

8 Still Hyped

Despite the server crashes, launch day saw tons of fans sit and wait patiently to be able to sign in. For a lucky few the wait was relatively short and they got the sweet taste of a new game before others. The majority of players though did have to wait for a few hours but then finally, a glimpse of hope came in the form of signing in.

The prologue of the game is incredibly clever as an introduction to the game mechanics. The length of the prologue means many fans did not get to finish it before the server crashes started happening. However, they were still happy about having had a small window in which to start playing the game. It seems that this little glimpse had made fans, including this Twitter user, more hyped for the game than before it was released.

7 A Throne Of Lies

False hope was also been a part of the release weekend, as some players had been shown to have been signed in. However, as soon as they got past the title page of the game, they were instantly kicked back out because of, that’s right, server crashes. To some players, it was arguably more painful to be given false hope as demonstrated by Instagram user synapsbt.ttv

They would rather have not been allowed to sign in from the start, that way they wouldn’t have felt the disappointment they did.  The Outriders team did spend a large chunk of time making sure that the biggest glitches such as the cross-play problem and the server crashes were seen too so that players could get back to it.

6 Some More Please

Redditor WaronTerah tried a different way of asking for the servers to be fixed. As with any game glitches, there are the irritated fans and there are the ones who are simply begging to be able to play it. Either way, it says a lot about a brand new game for fans to already be flocking to it, despite the server issues.

The servers were in and out of action throughout the release weekend, meaning that some fans got to play when others couldn’t. There were tantalizing screenshots being posted across social media, teasing the gamers that were yet to be allowed in. The server problems seem to have been tamed for now. There are still occasional crashes but nowhere near as many as there once were.

5 We Don’t Always Play

After it became apparent that the server issues would be around after the initial launch date, many fans began to see the funny side of it. There was definitely an air of irritation surrounding the game being unplayable. For most, however, it’s good to remember that all games have their teething problems upon release.

Even for more casual gamers, the lure of Outriders and a new game in a rather dry year for game releases was intoxicating. The issues remained the same though, streamers and casual gamers alike all had to wait their turn.

4 Where Server?

This Redditor was one of the fortunate few that managed to get into the game early on and unfortunately experienced the crashes whilst in the middle of a game with friends. As many gamers know, it’s much worse to lose server connection in an online game that you were invested in over one you couldn’t start. Outriders is designed to be played alongside friends but it is also a perfect online shooter for solo players.

For a game that had a successful demo with its own patches, it did catch some players by surprise that the main release had been so buggy. Thereby adding to the disappointment that the servers went down very fast.

3 Let Us In

Many gamers were the same as Instagrammer therealmclovins, dying to be let into a working server, even just for a minute. Outriders had gathered a rapidly growing fan base from the demo which was a telltale sign of the impending success of the game. It has already become a bigger success than Marvel’s Avengers on Steam.

The bigger the success of the game then the more likely it is to experience issues throughout the first months of its life. Players across the world from multiple gaming platforms all tried to get in to play it over release weekend which made the server problems slightly inevitable. That being said, nothing was stopping fans from trying.

2 Messy Servers But A Pristine Story

Outriders gives gamers the chance to progress through the different challenge tiers as they choose. The storyline of the game is beautifully detailed with many side missions and hidden twists to keep fans on their toes throughout. The characters have also gained praise for their pristine design, which is a direct contrast to the seemingly chaotic servers.

Twitter user MadmanTolerant accurately demonstrated it with some gamers’ pet peeve, messy wires. It is fair to say that the release weekend did feel a bit like a mess but the Outriders team apologized for the crashes and worked considerably fast to fix it. In that respect, they were organized.

1 It Does Not Mean That

When games go down and aren’t accessible, many gamers flock to sites where they can check what is going on. These sites are very useful in detecting whether it is a problem with the gamers’ internet or if it is a game-wide issue.

Ironically the reliability of the Outriders Status page was put into doubt after it claimed everything was operational during the crashes.  Nothing was flagged up about the server crashes and the game becoming unplayable for many, leading to this hilarious meme by Redditor Zeralius49.

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