10 Pokemon With The Most Forms

10 Pokemon With The Most Forms

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have now passed the one-thousand Pokemon mark. However, this impressive number does not include the numerous additional and alternate forms some Pokemon have, which significantly increases the total Pokemon number. For Living Dex collectors, this ever-increasing number and alternative forms can be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Typically, Pokemon with different forms have one or two, with most form-having Pokemon boasting around four. However, some Pokemon blow these numbers out of the water, with a dozen or more unique forms. Below, we will take a look at the Pokemon with the most forms, starting with Rotom.


Rotom is one of the first Pokemon to establish form-changing, first introduced in Pokemon Platinum. Rotom is a ghostly electrical current, and has the ability to inhibit various household appliances, like microwaves or washing machines.

Currently, Rotom has six different forms, including its base form. With each appliance it transforms into, Rotom gains a new type and attacks, as well as a new appearance based on the appliance in question. If you count Rotom's various unobtainable forms, like the Rotom Pokedex and Rotom Bike, this number increases even further.


Minior was first introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but hasn't found a place in the games since then. This special Pokemon resembles a meteor, and has the exclusive ability Shields Down, in which its outer shell breaks off to reveal its core when its health drops below half.

With its shell on, all Minior look the same. However, there are actually seven different colors of Minior, which are only revealed when its shell breaks and it changes into its Core form. Collecting every color of Minior may prove a challenge because of this guess-work that is involved.


Furfrou is one of the many dog Pokemon, but this poodle is different from the rest. Furfour's hair trim can be changed into one of nine different styles, each with its own unique appearance. While these forms don't change types or abilities, changing your Furfrou's trim allows you to match your Pokemon to your outfit or other members of your team.

Unlike most other forms, Furfrou's trim will revert back to its original appearance after five days, meaning you'll have to consistently get it trimmed if you want it to keep its appearance.


As the mascot of the Pokemon franchise, it's no surprise that Pikachu has nearly twice as many forms as Pokemon generations. Introduced in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Cosplay Pikachu is a special version of the Pokemon with a heart-shaped mark on the end of its tail, and the unique ability to change its outfit into one of five different costumes, for use in the region's Pokemon Contests.

Additionally, Pikachu has eight different forms of the Pokemon wearing a trainer cap unique to each region of the game, and a few special ones, like Ash's hat. These Pikachu forms were event-exclusive gifts that debuted for the 20th-anniversary of the Pokemon anime.

That's not all though! Pikachu has an additional form in its Gigantimax version in Sword and Shield, and is one of many Pokemon to have gender differences, with female Pikachu's tail curving into a heart shape.


Arceus, the god of all Pokemon, has the unique ability Multitype, allowing it to adapt its type to the Plate it is holding. Because of this ability, Arceus has 18 different forms, one for each type. These can be changed on the fly by having the Pokemon hold a different type Plate.

As the supreme Pokemon being at the center of creation, it makes sense that Arceus is not confined to just one type. It even has the unique attack, Judgment, that changes its type according to Arceus's current Plate, allowing you to take advantage of this feature in battle.


Similar to Arceus, Silvally has the ability to change forms based on its held item. Instead of Plates, Silvally uses Memory Discs, allowing it to change its form to one of the 18 different Pokemon types. Silvally's pre-evolution, Type: Null, is one of the few artificial Pokemon, created using cells of various other Pokemon.

When Type: Null evolves with a high friendship level with its trainer, it becomes Silvally, destroying its mask and activating its RKS System, which allows it to change its type. Interestingly, the name RKS is actually a play on Arceus, which when pronounced quickly sounds like "Arceus".


Vivillon is a butterfly Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and features a pixelated pattern on its wings. Depending on where in the (real) world you catch Vivillon, it will have a different wing pattern. There are 18 location-based patterns, and two patterns that can only be obtained through special means, like events.

Unfortunately, in Scarlet and Violet, Vivillon no longer has different patterns depending on where you catch it. Now, every Vivillon has the not-so-exclusive Fancy pattern. However, this may change in the future as the games become compatible with Pokemon Home.


Unown is one of the first multi-form Pokemon, first appearing in Pokemon Gold and Silver. This series of 28 Pokemon resemble the Latin alphabet, with two forms making up the exclamation point and question mark. Unown isn't known for its popularity in battle (mainly due to the fact that it can only learn one move, Hidden Power), but it has been a main installment in most games since its first appearance, often surrounding mysteries and puzzles.

Learning the Unown alphabet may help solve certain riddles in various Pokemon games, like the hints for finding each Unown in Legends Arceus.


Alcremie is a unique Pokemon that evolves from Milcery in a variety of different ways. By having your Milcery hold various items and spinning your character at certain times of the day, you can create 63 different forms of Alcremie. While these forms have no impact on the Pokemon's power, how you decorate your Alcremie can be a fun way to customize your team.

Additionally, Alcremie has a unique Gigantimax form that it transforms into when Gigantimaxing. In this form, Alcremie becomes a giant layer cake reaching above the clouds. However, it loses its customized decorations and cream color in this form.


Finally, we have Spinda. This generation three Pokemon has the most amount of variations, in the realm of four billion. This is due to how each Spinda's spot pattern is generated, which involves some complex math that we won't get into here. Essentially, there are around four billion different pattern combinations that can appear on a Spinda.

If you take into account Shiny Spinda, there's an even smaller chance that any two Spinda will be identical. Whether these alternate patterns count as different forms is up to you to decide, but the sheer number of Spinda patterns is enough to earn the top spot on this list.

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