10 Relatable Things All Pokemon TCG Collectors Do

10 Relatable Things All Pokemon TCG Collectors Do

The Pokemon TCG is among the upper echelons of trading card games, alongside the likes of Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! The game is extremely popular, especially within the collector sphere, due to the beautiful card art and rarity.

With over two decades of history, the Pokemon TCG has amassed an incredible number of cards and variants. These only add to the excitement of having all the best cards in a binder. Every collector has their habits, and some are commonly shared across all Pokemon TCG collectors.

10/10 Fail To Decide On An Organizing Scheme

Regardless of how avid of a collector you are and how big of a collection you have, organizing your cards is a huge part of the fun, especially for the more neat people. However, with unbelievable numbers of cards, it can truly be a challenge to find a system that works for you.

You could sort the cards by set, species, type, or many more categories. Then you get to Special Energies,Trainers, and promo cards. Many experienced collectors will tell you that finding a good organizing scheme for your cards can and will give you choice paralysis.

9/10 Drool Over The New Sets

The excitement a new set brings to the hobby is significant. Opening shiny new cards and admiring them for the first time is a joy every collector has experienced.

You may not stumble upon the higher rarity cards in your first booster box or two, but getting your hands on a brand-new product is never boring. As such, many collectors await the announcement of each set eagerly, hoping to see what the newest expansion brings.

8/10 Fly Through The Commons

Few collectors can claim not to be guilty of this. Many lower rarity cards are extremely well designed, but it's hard not to have tunnel vision for a specific rare card. You'll see many collectors on YouTube or Twitch straight-up skip the common cards in a pack to get to the best part.

That's not a moral failing by any means, though, as all collectors want to see what rare cards they can pull from a pack. It's nice to slow down and appreciate the lower rarity cards every once in a while.

7/10 Care About Profit

There are many types of Pokemon TCG collectors. Some just enjoy seeing the cards and feel the excitement of finding rare cards, whereas some do this to profit the most or make their money back. This can be an exciting process in and of itself.

Profiting or breaking even on a pack of random cards is a rare sight, and most collectors are guilty of the gambler's fallacy — believing they will pull perfect cards and make bank. This is especially bad when opening a vintage product such as the Base Set, where the highs are extremely high and the lows are worthless.

6/10 Admire Your Collection

After all the heartbreak, excitement, and hype around building a collection and sorting them into a nice binder or drawer, it's time to admire your collection. This may seem vain to someone outside of the hobby, but it's really rewarding to just browse through your collection every once in a while.

This is especially true when you're showing off your collection to someone else interested in the hobby. After all, the collection itself is the purpose of collecting cards, right? For those who use their cards in competitive play, this can also be a great way to see what is available to you when building a new deck.

5/10 Chase Cards That Are Rare

This goes hand-in-hand with focusing on profit, but is more emotional than monetary. This is especially true when opening a pack with a rare card that depicts your favorite Pokemon, or a specific card you need for a deck, and it's really easy to fool yourself into believing you'll get it.

This of course leads to way more products bought than necessary, and either getting the card or giving up. The moment of triumph is satisfying, but if you plan on using the card then it's always better to just buy the card itself. This stubbornness is why many collectors go wild when they do actually get the card they're chasing.

4/10 Contemplate Paying Too Much Money For Old Sets

Even if you're not a collector of cards, you've seen articles about old TCG cards selling for absurd amounts of money. Generally, these cards are older and/or there are very few of them. Of course, this leads to sealed products also selling for incredible amounts, because they could have that perfect condition Charizard.

Buying old booster boxes and the like can be a decent spend. It's easy to imagine yourself making more money than you put in thanks to that perfect card selling for thousands of dollars, but it very rarely is the case. As such, many Pokemon card collectors won't pull the trigger and invest, instead just fantasizing.

3/10 Trade Cards And Feel Remorse

Trading is quite literally the name of the game! Many collectors, barring the occasional crown jewels, trade others for the cards they like more or need for a deck. Unfortunately, these trades sometimes don't feel fair, and there is always that feeling of doubt when going ahead with one.

Most people have felt this, even if it was trading a Squirtle for a Charmander back in your playground. Regardless, the feeling has remained the same, but the stakes have become higher with rarer and more expensive cards. It's neat being part of being in the community, it's just hard to say goodbye to your cards.

2/10 Obsess Over Price Fluctuations

The feeling of victory once you hit good cards is like no other. However, as mentioned, it's not the most reliable or economic way to get certain cards. Many collectors will jump online to get the cards they're missing from their collection or deck.

However, this is where the obsession over price fluctuations begins. Pokemon cards, just like any other cards, are given a price tag depending on supply and demand. When a card seems too strong or rare, it can jump up in price instantly, as people rush to get one. A deck may perform poorly in a tournament, and card prices may then plummet. Purchasing cards is a rabbit hole that could see you watch graphs for hours on end.

1/10 Pivot Into Adjacent Hobbies

Collectors rarely manage to contain their excitement. After all, Pokemon is among the biggest media franchises ever, with a huge number of ways to enjoy it. Many collectors jump into the card game, to begin with.

Collecting cards can be a gateway into a deeper Pokemania. People make 3D dioramas, cut out cards to build 3D cards, print and paint miniatures, begin competing in the video games, get into the anime, and much more. These little pieces of cardboard are only a taste of what Pokemon as a whole offers, and after a short time collecting you may just be sold for life.

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