5 Best Photo Editors for Instagram

5 Best Photo Editors for Instagram

Facebook owned Instagram is one of the widely used Social Networking now a day. Almost every generation today uses Insta because it makes things easier and also lets people share their memories in form of pictures and videos.

In this particular article, we are going to discuss the best photo editors for Instagram one should prefer to make it more beautiful. But before discussing the editor, we will walk you through the editor purpose. What it does and how it works?

The word editing is speaking volume on its behalf. Basically, these editors make pictures more beautiful and the quality which is most lovable about this application they allow you to share directly on Instagram feed and stories. You don’t have to save it. This application has built-in features to make pictures elegant and attractive.

Here are 5 Best Photo Editors for Instagram:


The application here we are discussing has earned a lot of respect among users. It is considered as one of the best applications preferred by smartphone photographers. Snapseed include a variety of filter to make photos more attractive. Other than this it also allows editing on the specified section. Whenever you are done with the editing of pictures it allows you to share directly on your Instagram feed and stories. No wonder why it is preferred over any other photo editing application, the reason for sure is the quality of services they offer. Download Android | iOS

A Color Story:

This app is available on both Android and iOS. It allows you to edit your photos. Application is filled with basic and premium filters. For premium filter, you have to pay. Color Story gives you the flexibility to schedule the reminder to post a picture on Instagram. It also provides you a caption related to post which you can easily copy it. Download Android | iOS


If you are the one who is so much into photography and all, then this application is your pick. It allows not only sharing your photos on Instagram but also provides you a platform to showcase your skills. Basically, VSCO is a platform for photographers to share their amazing clicks. It also has photo editing features. To share your photos on the VSCO platform you need to do signup process. Download Android | iOS

Adobe Photoshop Express:

This doesn’t needs any further introduction. This particular application has a lot of features within it. The good thing is it allows you to share your photos on any platform. The application is available on both Android and iOS. You can change resolution and maintain the quality of your photo. Download Android | iOS


This app is basically a combination of all the best editing applications. You are allowed to edit your photos like a pro. It also gives you the freedom to make collages. Pixlr has all the basic features one should need to make photos perfect. It is available for free on both Android and iOS. Download Android | iOS

Above mentioned are the apps one should try to make photos more beautiful. If you haven’t used any of these just try and let us know about it.

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