6 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

6 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt tasks you to play as one of the titular World of Darkness vampire clans who must duke it out battle royale style in a dark, moody, and gothic Prague map. Blending elements of traditional battle royales with vampiric abilities and skills, Bloodhunt is a spooky online multiplayer title that will truly test your prowess around each and every corner.

While the majority of battle royale games have an incredibly high skill ceiling, a game like Bloodhunt truly ups the ante since it requires blending into the world, thus upholding the eponymous Masquerade. The game does ease you into the experience by giving you a tutorial that helps get you to grips with the game's overall mechanics, however, this barely scratches the surface when it comes to actually stacking up against the competition. Be sure to check out the following pro tips when diving into the macabre version of Prague that has been created for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt.

6 Understanding Each And Every Vampire Archetype

One of the main ways that Bloodhunt differentiates itself from other battle royales is through the various archetypes that players can choose prior to a match. Archetypes are all linked to the Vampire: The Masquerade lore and consist of Brute, Muse, Vandal, Saboteur, Enforcer, Prowler, and Siren.

Archetypes are essentially different vampire classes that consist of the various clans in the World of Darkness lore. Each archetype has its own unique skill, abilities, and passive buff. It's highly encouraged to try out each and every archetype to find the ones that most suit your playstyle. Similarly, getting to grips with each archetype will make you a better, more efficient player during a match since you will then have the knowledge to counter any other player you encounter.

5 Vertical Awareness Is Key

The gorgeous rain-drenched gothic Prague map in Bloodhunt is not only a visual and auditory feast, but it's also a fantastic location to feature a vampire-themed battle royale. While smaller than many other similar battle royales maps, this Prague map is brimming with diverse locations, macabre ambiance, and tons of verticality.

Where many battle royales have players run along the ground, Bloodhunt eschews this in favor of a highly vertical map where hopping and phasing across rooftops is just as viable as slipping through the city streets below. Pro players will understand this and will constantly be moving from high to low ground as a match progresses. Given the vampires' vast mobility options, it's a good tactic to get in the habit of early on in the game.

4 Understanding Each Weapon Type

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt features a boatload of different weapons to experiment with, both in terms of guns and melee weapons. Pro players understand that trying out every weapon is a critical piece to surviving the final rounds of a match. From shotguns to rifles to crossbows to swords, Bloodhunt players have an abundance of ways to duke it out, and that's without even mentioning the vampiric abilities that are linked to a character's archetype.

When first hopping into a match, you are armed with a simple pistol and fists. While these tools are certainly better than nothing, you are going to want to quickly loot various areas around your spawn point. You can press a button that toggles a vampire vision that sees loot and prey in a given area. Be sure to give each weapon a try, especially since you never know what loot you will come across given the random nature of its drop each match.

3 Feeding To Gather Strength, But Be Sure To Keep Up The Masquerade

As you might imagine in a game filled with vampires, feeding on prey is a necessary evil if you want to become stronger and survive for longer. Feeding in Bloodhunt requires you to use your vampire vision to find various civilizations that have different blood resonances. Each blood resonance will provide buffs such as enhanced sanguine, rapid healing, and even getting an extra chance at life should you perish early on.

However, as the vampire code remains strong, the titular masquerade must be kept. If you feed on a civilian and another civilian catches this evil and violent act, they run away in fear, thus breaking the masquerade. When this happens, your location is echoed to other players across the map for around 30 seconds. Be sure to feed often to regain health and to gain buffs, however, only do so when you are safe from being spotted.

2 With The Red Mist At Your Back

Okay, this point could certainly go either way depending on what type of player you are, however, it begs to be mentioned that a great pro strategy is to keep the red mist at your back. The majority of battle royale games have some sort of encroaching storm, poison, gas, or other in-world explanation that funnel players to a central point until only one remains as the victor.

In the case of Bloodhunt, the in-world explanation is a deadly red mist that quickly sends vampires to the grave. While you might be tempted to just run into each and every fight in and around Prague, it's typically best to remain close to the red mist while simply trying to survive to the final parts of a match. Heck, the game even gives you a consumable item in the form of a red mist defense that enables you to negate red mist damage for around 10 seconds.

1 Knowing When To Fight And When To Retreat

Simply put, the best pro tactic in Bloodhunt is to know when to fight and when to retreat. It might be tempting to keep battling an opponent even though defeat is imminent. Doing this likely means you will be diablerized and sent back to the lobby quicker than you would like. Learning when and where to fight is a key survival strategy.

By combining vertical map knowledge, weapons knowledge, and archetype knowledge, you will be able to take down fellow vampires in tough fights but you will also know when to retreat in order to drink blood to heal up. Understanding all of these things takes time so it's encouraged to practice patience and experimentation in order to get into the flow of a match.

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