7 Changes To Make Lil Gator Game Go From Good To Great

7 Changes To Make Lil Gator Game Go From Good To Great

Lil Gator Game, MegaWobble's imaginative homage to the Legend of Zelda series, features a young anthropomorphized alligator attempting to get his older sister to play with him again as she did in the past, and has been wooing interested players with its charm and brief playtime.

Not all games with accessibility features have the same options, but many include vision, hearing, and motor assistance, adjustments in case of motion sickness, traversal settings, combat settings, and more. Lil Gator Game wouldn't need all of these due to the nature of its gameplay, and it already has a few minor ones, but including more accessibility options, in general, would allow more people to play it comfortably.

5/7 Alternate Skins & Outfits

While there are various hats and headpieces that Lil Gator can wear, his green skin and brown pants remain the same no matter what accessories he has equipped, so some alternate skins and additional outfits would help provide some variety.

Some of these potential alternate skins and outfits could be based on notable characters from throughout the Legend of Zelda series, but there could also be some based on the other media Lil Gator Game references. Maybe there could even be a skin based on the underappreciated but fondly remembered Croc series, since the titular character could be seen as Lil Gator's predecessor.

4/7 Game Encyclopedia

It can be difficult to keep track of all the characters encountered during Lil Gator's adventure and what he has obtained by helping them, so an in-game encyclopedia that features everything Lil Gator encounters could help keep this organized so that you aren't repeatedly talking to characters that you've already finished helping.

It would also be interesting to look at each enemy type (and the many other things found throughout the islands) and how Lil Gator would describe them, as these descriptions would likely be lighthearted, humorous, and imaginative to stay in line with the rest of the game.

3/7 Quest Tracker

In addition to a game encyclopedia, Lil Gator Game could also add a quest tracker since many of the characters who give Lil Gator quests are spread out and not always that close to each other. Most quests are simple, but if you aren't sure what to do or don't know where something you need is, you might go off to explore and finish other quests in the meantime.

With a quest tracker, you could quickly look up which quests you've started but still need to finish or be reinformed which quests certain items and activities are supposed to be for in case you haven't played the game in a while.

2/7 More Visual Filters

Visually, Lil Gator Game is closest to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker due to its similar art style, and the former also has two visual styles: smooth and crunchy, with smooth being the default and crunchy, making everything look pixelated. But what if Lil Gator Game had more graphic filters based on other titles from the series it's based on?

Trying to emulate a visual filter based on the Link's Awakening remake would probably require making another game. However, there could still be filters that make Lil Gator Game look more like Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword rather than just emulating the Wind Waker style and a more pixelated version of it.

1/7 A Co-Op Mode

Since the game revolves around Lil Gator attempting to get his older sister to play with him like they used to, and there are visualized memories to find throughout the game that shows how they would play together in the past, a co-op mode set in the recent past could be a fun additional feature.

Lil Gator and his sister wouldn't have to be the only playable characters either due to all the friends he has made during his adventure, meaning there could be a larger variety of anthropomorphic animals to play as. Who wouldn't want to play as a skateboarding dog named Skate Pug?

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