7 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Saints Row

7 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Saints Row

In the ending sequence of Saints Row's main story, the Boss defeats The Nahualli and hangs out with their crew. Or, at least, that's what happens before the credits roll. There is also an epilogue that you get for building the Saints Tower, but that's just a casual bonus scene.

The true main narrative ends before the credits. And while all those names scroll down, you may be still unsure about certain aspects of this reboot. Perhaps you even have questions regarding specific plot points, character motivations, and some of the backstory. The following ones are several of the most common queries.

7 How Did The Roomies Become Friends?

Much of the game's story revolves around the relationship between the Boss, Kev, Neenah, and Eli. From the start, they're a tight-knit group, and they stay that way for the rest of the adventure. So much so that before the Saints, they undermine their own respective gangs to help each other out.

However, it's unclear how they reached this level of closeness, as the game doesn't explore their past or even really mention it. The game doesn't even explain how they all met. It would've been an interesting story to hear.

6 What Happened To Gwen?

Gwen is one of the best side characters in the game due to her exploits as the Boss' commanding officer at the beginning of the story. After the protagonist leaves Marshall, her screen time drops significantly. In fact, the only time you see her again is when she appears during the controversial LARP quest line.

It makes sense that she's not around as much, considering she is hardly going to be hanging around with the Saints. Yet, it would've been nice to see her involved when the purple-clad gang and Marshall go head-to-head. After all, she might not be the biggest fan of the Boss, but she doesn't seem evil. As such, it would've been interesting to see her response to some of Atticus's antics.

5 Who Runs The Other Gangs Now?

By the end of the main narrative, the Saints have dealt significant blows to all the factions that oppose them. Their main way of doing so was by taking out their leaders. Atticus gets fired from Marshall or shot. The Idols' Collective are all killed bar one, which you can finish off in a Wanted mission. As for the Los Panteros' illustrious leader, Sergio Velez, the Nahualli deals with him.

Even so, each faction is still running in Santo Ileso. Myra Star takes Atticus' place, but who is currently leading the Los Panteros and the Idols? This didn't need to be answered during the game, but it's still something interesting to consider. And perhaps, there will be an answer in a sequel.

4 What Is Davey's Backstory?

The side hustles don't have any impact on the main storyline. However, they still include a few interesting characters. One of the most intriguing is Davey from a few Riding Shotgun hustles. This man is supposedly a legend in Santo Ileso's criminal scene. As such, the Boss recognizes him straight away and reveals that they originally came to the city just to work for Davey.

The man turned the protagonist down when they first met, but the Boss still had huge respect for the legend. The fact the protagonist knew about him despite living in a different city shows how big Davey used to be. It also makes you wonder what he did to become that famous.

3 How Did The Boss Have The Tie-Breaking Vote?

To get revenge on Atticus and take back legal control of the Saints, the Boss hatches a plan with Myra Star. It ends with Marshall board members voting on the CEO's future. The vote is tied, so Myra hands the tie-breaking vote to the Boss. This scene is a little odd because it's unclear how the Boss gets this power. Seemingly Myra just gives it to him, but why would she be capable of doing that?

The game doesn't provide you with the internal rules and regulations of Marshall, but it's unlikely that they'd allow just anyone to be brought into a board vote. And they certainly wouldn't allow someone to quickly join the board. So, it's bizarre that the Boss has a say over Atticus' future.

2 Why Was The Nahualli So Obsessed With Having The Boss's Life?

The biggest twist in the game comes when The Nahualli stabs The Boss and leaves them for dead. His reasoning for this is that he wants the protagonist's life. It's understandable if he desires to be the leader of the Saints. Yet, his actual goal is to be friends with Kev, Neenah, and Eli.

It's unclear why he feels the Boss needs to be out of the way for that to happen. Moreover, it's strange that he'd resort to murdering a man to achieve his goal. They're a good group of people, but that's a bit extreme. Perhaps if he'd recently lost his own group of friends and been sent mad by that fact, his motives would be a little more logical. But the game never provides an actual reason for his actions.

1 What Did Antonio Exactly Want?

Saints Row has a fantastic opening cutscene that gives you an insight into the main characters and sets up the story. For much of the said sequence, the camera follows Antonio Espina. He claims he's left Marshall and wants to form a partnership with the Saints. Then the rest of the game plays out, and the storyline kind of disappears.

The Saints seemingly take him up on his offer as the man appears at the hideout in the epilogue. But you never hear the terms of the agreement or get any indication that he's not still working with Marshall in secret. This could be setting up a sequel or DLC, where Antonio's true intentions are revealed. Alternatively, his defection could've just been a way to show that the Saints are in demand.

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