8 Best Family Board Games To Gift This Holiday

8 Best Family Board Games To Gift This Holiday

Christmas will soon be here and if you're trying to cross everyone off your shopping list, we're here to help. Everyone loves a good board game for the holiday season that they can share with family and friends, and while the old classics like Monopoly never go out of style, it's nice to change things up with something new and exciting.

If you're looking for the perfect family board game to play this Christmas, we've got some great suggestions to cover all ages. Here are some of our favorite tabletop games that we recommend.

Disney The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-6 Players8+30 Minutes

Who doesn't love Disney? Everyone has their favorite attractions when it comes to Disneyland, so why not celebrate one of the best with the Disney The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits board game. If you have a loved one who absolutely adores The Haunted Mansion, this is the perfect gift for them. As you play, you'll encounter familiar faces and scenes from the attraction, such as Madame Leota and the Hitchhiking Ghosts, and a large part of the fun is discovering all of the spooks that have taken up residence in The Haunted Mansion.

However, you'll want to avoid the Hitchhiking Ghosts that move around the board, otherwise, you'll find yourself picking up Haunt Cards rather than the Ghost Cards you're trying to collect. You'll also get opportunities to steal cards from your competitors, so even when you have the most points, it can suddenly all change.

The Haunted Mansion is great for all the family; it's easy enough to understand for younger players while still offering a challenge, and each game doesn't last too long, which is great for younger kids who might otherwise lose interest. There's lots to be discovered in The Haunted Mansion, which gives you plenty of reason to replay, so if you want a longer play session — just set the board up again and get ready for another spooky night collecting specters.

You can read our review of this game here.

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Trekking The National Parks (Second Edition)

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-5 Players10+30-60 Minutes

If you want a board game that's both fun and educational, Trekking The National Parks is a great choice! This game was created by two enthusiasts who traveled to all 63 National Parks and then made this award-winning game with the help of their son. Compete against your friends and family as you travel across the map collecting park cards and trail stones, all while learning about the beautiful National Parks.

This Second Edition improves upon the first by making the game more simplified for more streamlined gameplay that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There's also an easy how-to-play video included to help get you started. Are you ready for a trek?

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Pusheen the Cat Purrfect Pick Card Game

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-5 Players8+30 Minutes

Pusheen the Cat is instantly recognizable to most — even if you're not familiar with the comic book strip this cute little cat originated from, many fans grew to love Pusheen when it featured on Facebook stickers. Now this adorable cat pops up everywhere, from clothing to merch, and even board games! Pusheen the Cat Purrfect Pick Card Game is here to treat you and your loved ones to an adorable, quirky little family game that's easy to get to grips with and even easier to fall in love with.

As you play, you'll be collecting different kinds of cards that feature Pusheen's friends, items, and action cards, which you can use to collect Snapshot cards that have star points — as the aim of the game is to get ten stars. This game includes a sweet little Pusheen figurine, the board is double-sided so you can choose whether to explore the park or Pusheen's bedroom, and both the board and cards are loaded with adorable artwork. What more could you want?

Purrfect Pick is easy to pick up and play for young players but is just as fun for adults. After all, who doesn't love looking at the cards of Super Plusheenicorn, Dragonsheen, and others?

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Jingle All The Way: It’s Turbo Time!

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-4 Players7+15-20 Minutes*

If you're looking for a fun little stocking filler, the Jingle All The Way: It’s Turbo Time! Card Game is a great choice. Jingle All The Way is a classic '90s Christmas movie that is still a firm favorite with kids today. The thing I love the most about this game is that it makes a nice nostalgic gift for plenty of adults, as well as being a fun, easy-to-play game for kids. If your child doesn't know the film yet, this is the perfect reason to introduce them to a classic!

In true Jingle All The Way fashion, you'll be hitting those toy store shelves and trying to bag yourself a coveted Turbo Man figure. The game includes toy tiles to make a "shelf", while players have "carts" to put their toys in. Using cards, which offer different powers, you need to try and fill your cart with the best toys — the only problem is, you don't necessarily know which toys you're grabbing from the shelf. This game includes other familiar characters such as Booster and Dementor, and hilariously has a "Tubro Man" counterfeit toy that makes you lose points should you mistakenly grab it. The player with the most points wins, but with this quick and easy game, you can keep playing to ensure everyone gets their fair shot at grabbing Turbo Man. There's only one thing left to say really… it's Turbo Time!

*This time is based on our own gameplay.

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Disney Mad Tea Party

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-10 Players5+20 Minutes

If you're for something more suitable for younger children, or perhaps something that caters to even more players, the Disney Mad Tea Party game fits the bill. You take it in turns to play cards and stack the slanted teacups onto the wobbly tea party table while trying to avoid causing them to topple over — it's harder than it looks, which makes it all the more fun! The first person to play all of their cards or to stack the very last teacup is the winner.

This game is super easy to understand and play, and it has lots of charm. One of the quirky little rules is that whoever most recently drank tea gets to go first. For especially young players, you can make the game a little easier by placing the tea party table on a flat surface instead of using the base provided, which means it won't wobble. I think it's tea time!

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Mickey & Friends Magical Treats: A Lend-A-Hand Card Game

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-4 Players3+10 Minutes

If you're looking for a game to give to even younger board game lovers, Mickey & Friends Magical Treats: A Lend-A-Hand Card Game is suitable for children as young as three years old. Players must help to sort out the lunch orders by matching different cards together and scoring points, and whoever scores the highest, wins! The Mickey hand cardholders make it really easy for little hands to keep their cards together and also add a fun element that everyone can appreciate.

This game is super easy to understand, so even the youngest players can be confident in how to play, and a game usually takes around ten minutes, so you don't have to worry about them losing interest too soon.

Mickey & Friends Magical Treats: A Lend-A-Hand Card Game is only available in stores.

Disney It's a Small World Game

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-6 Players4+20 Minutes

We've already mentioned one fan-favorite Disneyland attraction on this list, so how about another? If It's a Small World is one of your absolute favorite attractions, you'll find the board game just as adorable and wholesome.

There's lots to love about this game right down to the little touches, such as on the inside of the box lid you can find the sign that greets you outside of the It's a Small World attraction. The 3D board is really fun and you can interact with it as you go around the waterway in your little boat (much like the actual ride), working together to draw cards and collect points. The signature clock tower features in the game and all of the artwork is just like the attraction too — so it's fun to spot all the familiar elements from the real thing.

This is a must-have have for any Disney fan as you get to relive the joy of the It's a Small World ride in board game form. Compared to the other board games based on attractions, this one is a lot simpler to get to grips with, so it's ideal for younger players. The other great thing about this game is that you are split into two teams, so if there are more than two of you, you can team up to try and score the most points. If you want to make the game even easier, you can all be on the same boat and work together to collect points.

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Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk Game

Number of PlayersRecommended AgeAverage Playtime
2-4 Players4+30 Minutes

Yet another stunningly beautiful and super fun game from Funko that features your favorite Disney characters, the Disney Mickey and the Beanstalk Game comes complete with colorful little figures and a quirky 3D board with a plastic vine that your tokens can actually spin down.

This board game is based on the 1947 animated film of the same name, so it's another great gift choice for Disney lovers and offers fun for the whole family. While it's a little more difficult in terms of gameplay when compared to the likes of the It's a Small World game, players work together in Mickey and the Beanstalk, so younger players can be supported by their teammates. You co-operate to bring food and the special golden harp down the beanstalk to feed everyone in Happy Valley. That's the other great thing about this game, once the giant is beaten — everyone is a winner!

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