8 Best Side Characters In Tower Of Fantasy

8 Best Side Characters In Tower Of Fantasy

Developed by Hotta Studio, Tower Of Fantasy has quickly climbed the ladder of popularity ever since its release. It's an MMORPG with an anime art style, and has a humongous world waiting for you to explore. It also contains a beautiful storyline for you to sink your teeth into.

Whenever there's a storyline, a few characters stand out, taking up a special place in the player's heart. ToF's story has a ton of characters that you meet along the way, and they all have very detailed personalities. Here are some of the best.

Since we're talking about characters, there will be Tower of Fantasy spoilers in this article.

8 Franz

Franz is one of the first few NPCs that you'll meet after you wake up from Amnesia and attempt to get a grasp of the world around you. This character seems very suspicious throughout the story, as he appears everywhere, and also has connections with Hykros.

Palu even asks us to be careful with him. Regardless, Franz helps us a lot during our endeavors, and he even introduces us to the Chrono device that allows time retracement for the first time. Overall, Franz is a savior who leads us forward in the story, and we wouldn't be able to do anything without him

7 Melo

When we first start our journey towards Cetus Island — which is based in Navia, the third region in the game — we learn that Dr. Claire has been making some weird dolls. On our way, we find Melo following us, and he is definitely one of the 'weird dolls'.

He asks for our help to save his friend, and gives us a way to get to the main area where we can meet Claire. It turns out Melo's language chip hasn't been updated in a long time, and he has his own, cute and broken way of talking. That'll just make you adore him.

6 Frigg

Did you think there wouldn't be any antagonists on this list? Well, you were wrong. Frigg is one of the few enemies who bests you multiple times throughout the story. She also ambushes the Wanderer at Claire's place, with a specifically funny animation.

She just appears out of thin air, and bonks the character's head as they splat on the ground. Even after all that, Frigg's character design is undeniably amazing, and she's probably going to be a playable character at some point. She also has an intense aura around her.

5 Hanna

Another doll made by Dr. Claire is worthy of a mention here. We save Hanna, along with Melo, and it's obvious that they both care about each other deeply. While Melo's role ends once we reach the flying place, Hanna sticks with us for a long time and helps us a lot.

Hanna has a cute persona, and she makes sure no one breaks the rules — she even stands between Frigg and the main character to prevent them from fighting. Later on, she guides us through multiple puzzles, as we solve the mystery that Claire leads us to.

4 Celine

Celine is the first character we're introduced to after Zeke and Shirli stabilize us following memory loss. She transforms us into an avatar of our choice, and further helps us get to know the shelter and its surroundings better. Ultimately, she starts us on our journey to the humongous planet of Aida.

It's evident that Celine cares about her loved ones deeply. While she has a stern attitude at the start, her true emotions show when Shirli is in trouble, since she has the courage to look Zeke in the face and ask him to do what needs to be done. Even after Zeke rebels, she still cares about the two, and wants us to make sure they're okay.

3 Dr. Claire

The doll-maker herself, Dr. Claire is one of the characters that you'll never be able to forget. She has an interesting personality, and an intriguing past. From the beginning, she strikes us as a character who knows how to get her own way with anyone, especially the gullible main character.

Eventually, we learn that she was a part of Hykros, and suffered a massive loss that led her to detach herself. It also led her to agree to help the Heirs of Aida, the direct enemies of Hykros. After all this, she still deals with the Wanderer calmly, and doesn't blame them for any of it.

2 Mi-a

Mi-a is another artificial human on the planet Aida, and she has a special relationship with Shirli, Zeke, and Celine. When we embark on a journey to save the two, she volunteers to go along with the main character, since she can help in various ways. She also prevents the Wanderer from getting lost.

Apart from providing a lot of information, Mi-a also gives us random buffs from her kitchen throughout the day. Finally, she has an adorable personality, one that can easily claim a piece of your heart.

1 Zeke

Zeke has a long ride throughout Tower Of Fantasy's story, and his role in the isn't immediately clear. He starts off as a protagonist, but quickly turns to the dark side after the happenings with Shirli. Still, he's very calm and composed whenever the main character gets to meet him.

Being a cheeky fellow, he manages to escape the Wanderer's grasp multiple times. However, his intentions are clear — he just wants to save his sister's life, as anyone in his position would. Zeke also has an extremely cool design, and will certainly become one of the playable characters.

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