A New Rockstar Games Job Listing Implies Its Next Game Is Near Completion

A New Rockstar Games Job Listing Implies Its Next Game Is Near Completion

A new job listing from Rockstar North has sparked rumours that the next game from the studio is close to completion.

As spotted by The National, the Rockstar careers page was recently updated with the role of game tester. The fact that the developer is hiring a game tester is indicative of the state of its next game, hinting that it might be further along in development than we previously thought.

Game testers are usually hired when a project is nearing the end of completion, or at least when it’s in a playable state. Considering we haven’t heard from Rockstar in quite some time, many fans are assuming that this role will involve testing whatever game is next from it.

Although the game that instantly jumps to mind is GTA 6, it’s not very likely to be that just yet. Not only has that game not been revealed yet, but Rockstar likes to take its time with these projects and certainly won’t be putting it out there so soon after Red Dead Redemption 2.

If this role isn’t just a general one for an unspecified title, the game that it’s most likely referencing is the upcoming expanded and enhanced edition of GTA V. That game was revealed last August as part of the PS5 reveal stream, and is supposed to be releasing in 2021.

With that in mind, it makes sense that Rockstar would start hiring game testers for that project, as it has been confirmed that it will be adding new things to the game. We don’t yet really know the scope of the current-gen update to GTA V, but if it needs a game tester then it might be a lot bigger than just changing some graphics and lighting.

It’s also entirely possible that Rockstar has been working on another game behind the scenes that we simply haven’t heard about. Rumours have indicated that a remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption is on the cards, but the long-standing rumour is a sequel to Bully.

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