A PlayStation China Showcase Is Scheduled Next Week

A PlayStation China Showcase Is Scheduled Next Week

PlayStation will be offering China a showcase on April 29 to give launch information on the PS5 for the region and a potential look at new games.

The live stream will, unfortunately, be only offered through Chinese streaming sites, according to Siliconera, leading to the idea that this won’t be a major factor for western territories. However, Sony’s funding project for console games being developed in the region, the China Hero Project, teased a game update on Twitter.

Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad told his Twitter followers that Sony has already established that the console will hit mainland China by the tend of the second quarter. However, with this new showcase, we’ll likely get a definitive date. We can’t see how Sony can add a new market when there are still shortages across western territories, but the area can be a huge moneymaker. In Q1 2020 alone, PocketGamer reported that the Chinese games industry made $11.1 billion and overrun U.S. spending on the medium by 16% in that period.

The action-RPG Genshin Impact also broke expectations last year as it generated $1 billion in mobile spending in just six months. Think about the amount of cash MiHoYo raked in for the console market as well with the game taking the world by storm. Developed in China, Genshin Impact gave the scene more validity as it’s been beloved by fans all over. It will be launching on the PS5 with 4K and HDR support on April 28.

The China Hero Project is going to help bring promising projects to the west in the near future. One such example is the evocative horror title In Nightmare, which is scheduled to release this year. Others include the action RPG Lost Soul Aside and Metroidvania F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch.

“The game conditions in China have indeed changed a lot, and the Chinese players’ demand for the quality of game content has increased significantly, which drives more and more developers to create high-quality content and invest more time and resources into it,” said Magic Fish Studio CEO Fan Yu in an interview with TheGamer for In Nightmare, “A lot of great games have been developed in China in recent years.”

Whatever it will announce, the PlayStation China Showcase will begin on April 29 at 8 pm PT.

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