Abby Was Originally Going To Infiltrate The Dance In The Last Of Us Part 2

Abby Was Originally Going To Infiltrate The Dance In The Last Of Us Part 2

HBO's The Last Of Us has already been renewed for a second season. A given really considering how good it has been combined with there being a second game. As for how The Last Of Us Part 2 will be reimagined for a different medium, perhaps the original way writers wanted to introduce Joel and Abby will be used for the show.

If you haven't played the games, the rest of this article includes heavy spoilers regarding the ending of Part 1 and chunks of Part 2. You've been warned. Abby is a key character in the second game. She first meets Joel when he saves her from a horde of infected. Abby soon realizes the man who saved her life previously killed her father.

That wasn't the original plan. Revealed via the official artbook for Part 2 (thanks, Naughty Dog Central), Abby's path to Joel was going to be far more meticulous. Abby was going to infiltrate the community Ellie and Joel call home, seemingly becoming friends with the man who killed her father as early concept art for the game even shows the two of them dancing together.

“In the original pitch Abby was going to infiltrate the dance at the festival and insinuate herself into Joel's life,” a caption below the concept art reads. The dance festival is near the beginning of the game during which players are properly introduced to another new character who becomes integral to Part 2's plot, Dina.

In a Reddit post about the concept art, quite a few fans have highlighted why introducing Abby at the dance rather than when Joel saves her life would have made more sense. Perhaps food for thought when it comes to determining how season two of the adaptation will unfold. For those keeping up with the show, episode five will air on Friday this week so it doesn't clash with the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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