Activision Blizzard Wants To Bring All Its Franchises To iOS And Android

Activision Blizzard Wants To Bring All Its Franchises To iOS And Android

Call of Duty: Mobile has been a roaring success for Activision Blizzard over the past few years, and that success hasn’t gone unnoticed. On its latest investor call, President and COO Daniel Alegre said mobile is currently a massive investment for the company, and he would like “to take all [its] franchises to mobile over time.”

Considering Call of Duty: Mobile is among the most profitable games currently available on iOS and Android, that push towards a more developed mobile catalog shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still, up until the recent investor call we didn’t have an official confirmation from Activision Blizzard on its future plans for the platform. We do know that Diablo Immortal is well into development – likely set to release within the next year – but outside of that franchise it’s been silent on the mobile front.

Several years ago, Activision Blizzard purchased King, the creator of uber-popular Candy Crush, so we’re curious to see if that team gets involved in any of these upcoming ports. Alegre wasn’t forthcoming with any more info, and we’re left with only speculation as to which title will be the next from its catalog to grace our small screens. Overwatch? World of Warcraft? Tony Hawk? Its catalog of high-performing games is nearly limitless, and no doubt any mobile adaptations would be given incredible visibility.

Mobile gaming is a huge market, and Activision Blizzard knows it needs to start developing that sector of its business. “We need to make sure that we’re enabling our franchises on the billions of mobile devices that are available right now. That’s by far our biggest opportunity and we’re investing meaningfully to capitalize on this and to take all our franchises to mobile over time,” said Alegre. Outside of western markets, mobile titles continue to thrive and perform at levels similar to those see on consoles.

However, Alegre doesn’t see the mobile market as specific to one region. He stated that both Mexico and Brazil are in the top five markets for mobile installs and revenue, and it’s important to craft games that have a universal, worldwide appeal.

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