Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming To Fortnite, According To Recent Datamine

Aloy From Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming To Fortnite, According To Recent Datamine

As with any Fortnite update, avid dataminers are already in the midst of uncovering what’s in store for the future, and so far, they’ve found evidence that Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is about to debut.

“Strings from the new LeadAlloy LTM,” ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks opens on Twitter, quoting: “Team Up! Aloy & Lara. Use loot from wildlife and technology to upgrade your weapons. All weapons can be upgraded to legendary quality. Keep an eye out for wildlife, you never know what might be lurking in the bushes.”

This was corroborated by another leaker called Hypex who simply tweeted, “Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will be a skin soon and she will have her own LTM.”

LTM means ‘Limited Time Mode’ and so what this means is that Aloy will not only be a bundled skin pack available for V-Bucks (or perhaps as part of Fortnite’s subscription service), but she will also sport her own timed gamemode when she arrives on the Battle Bus.

Details on this aren’t too clear just now, but based on ShiinaBR’s discovery, it appears as though hunting, foraging, and fending off wildlife are in stock for Aloy’s own mode. This makes sense given that there are now animals in the game that can be hunted and tamed already. These are boars, frogs, chickens, wolves, etc.

Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t exactly a PlayStation exclusive anymore, but like Master Chief being owned by Xbox despite being also on PC, it’s a character owned by Sony, and so this will mark the second PlayStation-owned character after Kratos. Perhaps we’re one more day closer to finally seeing Link in the arena with an M16, or perhaps we’re one day closer to finally seeing Ratchet & Clank lobbing Groovitrons at unsuspecting players in Fortnite.

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