Amouranth ‘cleans’ store in sexy French Maid Twitch video – gets kicked out

Amouranth ‘cleans’ store in sexy French Maid Twitch video – gets kicked out

A cheeky Twitch streamer was filmed “cleaning” a shop while wearing a sexy French Maid costume – but was kicked out when an irate worker got the wrong idea.

Kaitlyn Siragusa – better known as Amouranth – was making a live stream of her visiting shops, including IKEA and Walmart, and brushing the shelves with a feather duster while wearing the skimpy costume.

The fetish-style outfit included black fishnet suspenders and a frilly apron and hat.

Awkwardly, the 26-year-old cosplayer, from Houston, Texas, was then asked to leave Bed Bath & Beyond after a member of staff seemed to accuse her of being a prostitute.

In the outrageous clip, Amouranth bends over to give the shelves in the bedding department a good going over with her black feather duster.

But a female shop worker then confronts her, accompanied by a customer.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Cleaning,” Amouranth replies.

Not looking at all convinced, the worker replies: “I know. What are you doing though?

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  • "I hope you are not soliciting here, you can’t do that in this store.”

    “Ok, no worries. I will go clean elsewhere,” Amouranth says.

    The redhead is then seen brushing the surfaces in another store, while men walking past do their best to look nonchalant.

    One guy, in particular, appears to do a double-take and Amouranth laughs with a glance to the camera.

    This comes after Amouranth claimed to have been targeted by a blackmailer who threatened to delete all her sexy pictures from Instagram unless she paid them $30k a year.

    The complying model is also a costume designer who makes her own outfits.

    According to the biography on her website, Amouranth was discovered by the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet and worked in their costuming departments.

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