Apex Legends Fan Makes Akira-Style Valkyrie Poster

Apex Legends Fan Makes Akira-Style Valkyrie Poster

Respawn unveiled the daughter of famed Titanfall 2 pilot, Viper, earlier this week, a brand new playable character in the battle royale Apex Legends. Valkyrie – as she’s called – is quickly becoming a fan-favorite, and already, some creative works have sprung up in appreciation such as the Akira-styled poster dedicated to Kairi Imahara.

Akira has often been credited as playing a pivotal role in the birthing of the cyberpunk genre, and it was even getting its own live-action film from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi but that appears to have been shelved. At any rate, plenty of games have paid homage to the 80s classic with the most recent being Cyberpunk 2077 with an Akira-style bike.

This fan-made poster swaps out that famous, iconic Akira bike with Valkyrie’s repurposed Titan remnants, suspended by chains. She can be seen walking toward it with the ‘Akira’ text at the bottom swapped out for ‘Valk.’ The creator even shared a video of the artistic process, a sped-up timelapse, starting with Valkyrie, then the equipment at the top, followed by the logo and background.

It even garnered the attention of Respawn itself as the director of communications, Ryan K. Rigney, commented on the tweet. He simply exclaimed, “HOOOOLY.” That sums up the artwork pretty well.

Valkyrie will be joining the battle royale extravaganza when the next season starts on May 4. It seems as though she will be a versatile hero capable of maneuvering through the air with her repurposed Titan parts, while also firing off missiles. But, she’s not the only new addition to the next season as the bocek bow is also underway with an infested variant of Olympus.

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