Armored Core 6 Producer Yasutaka Ogura Says Dark Souls, Elden Ring "Changed Us"

Armored Core 6 Producer Yasutaka Ogura Says Dark Souls, Elden Ring "Changed Us"

FromSoftware has made a significant impact on the games industry with challenging and atmospheric video games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The latest project, Elden Ring, has on the other hand received so much attention since release that its impact on future games from the developer is almost inevitable, causing many fans to speculate about how the upcoming Armored Core 6 could be influenced or inspired by the popular title.

Armored Core is mostly known for its mech-based action and strategy gameplay, fans eagerly awaiting the next installment, Armored Core 6. With the success of Elden Ring, rumors have been running rampant about how the two games could be in some way related. Producer at FromSoftware Yasutaka Ogura just added more fuel to the fire in a long presentation about Armored Core at the Taipei Game Show.

Ogura discussed reintroducing the series after more than ten years, explaining that games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring have significantly changed the studio. When asked about Armored Core 6, the executive noted that “as ten years have passed between titles, we at FromSoftware have developed so many other titles in the interim from Dark Souls 2 to Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and of course others like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and most recently of all Elden Ring, all of which changed us."

Ogura went on to explain how “the experience and know-how that our game designers and developers built up through these titles were able to be made use of” in Armored Core 6. FromSoftware is of course known for its distinctive approach to game design which is focused on creating challenging experiences that require players to think critically and learn through trial and error. Dark Souls and Bloodborne in particular have a reputation for their steep learning curve and punishment of players, features which have earned them a dedicated fanbase. These could very well impact Armored Core 6, at least in some capacity.

Players have long speculated that Armored Core 6 could be inspired by Dark Souls or Elden Ring through its level design. FromSoftware has a reputation for creating sprawling and immersive worlds filled with hidden secrets to discover. The environments in Elden Ring for example are highly detailed and atmospheric, offering players a sense of exploration and discovery. This level of detail and immersion could be carried over into Armored Core 6, creating a rich and complex world for players to explore.

Dark Souls or Elden Ring could also influence Armored Core 6 through their combat mechanics. FromSoftware is known for creating challenging and intense battles that require players to think strategically and react rapidly. This could be translated into Armored Core 6, giving players a more strategic and intense experience, plus the added challenge of piloting a mech.

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