Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Daughters Of Lerion Locations And How To Beat Them

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Daughters Of Lerion Locations And How To Beat Them

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla gives players the chance to run around England, Norway and even Vinland in the 9th century. Among all of the content in this in-game world, are several hidden bosses that the player can take on themselves for some excellent rewards. Some of those bosses are three sisters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia — known as the Daughters of Lerion.

The Daughters of Lerion were, as their title suggests, daughters of the powerful English noble of the same name who dabbled in both dark magic and the occult. Though Lerion himself was assassinated, his daughters survived and roam Eastern England. They are three of the toughest fights in the game, but defeating them is also a necessary step in acquiring both Thor’s armor set and the hammer Mjolnir. This guide will show you where to find them and how to best each of them.


Before starting any of the fights, it is best if you acquire the Brush with Death skill if you haven’t already. This causes time to slow down when you perform a perfect dodge, allowing you to get in a few quick hits — something you will need since the sisters strike hard and fast.

Dive of the Valkyries is also good, since it can track down their teleports. Yes, they can and will do that, but this ability also lets you pin them down for a bit. It comes in handy in slowing them down.

Grit is another skill that is a must, since, when you get down to low health, successfully making melee hits will restore the red portion of your health and you’ll avoid an early death. While not a skill, you should also try to upgrade your rations and come with plenty to heal yourself. There are also health items to pick up to refill both health and rations.

Make sure your weapons and armor are upgraded as much as possible to ensure they are at their most effective.


The first sister you’re likely to find and who has the lowest power requirement is Goneril. She can be found in the northeastern part of Grantebridgescire in an area called Spalda Fens. It is in the swampy section of the region and it is an area shaped like an arena.

A power level of 90 is recommended to take Goneril on. Interact with the dead body beneath a large tree to begin the fight.

The Fight

She fights with poison and is immune to poison attacks in return. Use fire-based skills to wear her health down gradually. Goneril can also summon a ghost-like clone of herself to attack you that can damage you, so watch out. She also has a penchant for using jumping and spinning attacks with her daggers. Dodge these attacks, since they are unblockable, then parry her follow-up attack to stun her.

You should fight with a build that has a shield for easy parrying and a longer-melee weapon to ensure you have the maximum attack range. Do not use range attacks since she moves quickly and her weak-point is on her back, which is hard to reach because she is constantly in front of you.

When her health reaches half-way, she will start deploying poisonous clouds, teleporting more often, and she’ll summon the previously mentioned ghost clone. Be patient and strike when the opportunity presents itself to defeat Goneril.


Regan can be found close to the northern coast of East Anglia and to the east of the small town of Elmenham in a place called Walsham Crag. You’ll know the place when you arrive at a pit that just screams “bad stuff has happened here.”

This time, the power level requirement is 160. Again, interact with a dead body below some rocks to initiate the fight.

The Fight

Regan’s fight is very similar to Goneril’s but is different in some aspects. She employs fire-based attacks and is immune to fire damage so use poison instead. She has several unblockable attacks at her disposal, so dodge whenever possible. She’ll also summon a shadow that lets her chain attacks.

The most important thing to worry about, though, is that she can parry your attacks. Go in for too many hits and she’ll parry you to deal some serious damage, so only try to get in a few strong hits at a time. This is where the Dive of the Valkyrie ability comes in handy, since she cannot block or parry it.

Once she is at half-health, she will become even more berserk, with her attacks by now lighting portions of the ground on fire. Again, patience is the best virtue here, so time everything accordingly to take down the second daughter.


Cordelia is the third and final Daughter of Lerion and is the toughest of the three. She too can be found in East Anglia but this time in Berkelow Bog. It can be found in the southwest corner of the region west of the E in “East Anglia” on the map. The place is located in ruins of sorts in a circular arena-like place.

She has a hefty power requirement of 340. Interact with one last poor and unfortunate dead guy to initiate the battle.

The Fight

Cordelia has both attacks of her own and attacks of the previous two sisters, as well as the ability to parry attacks. She works with lightning and can summon phantoms, which are the biggest concern here. She summons them rapidly, and having even the slightest delay in reaction time means not dodging all three she sends your way — you’ll take major damage as a result.

Use an ability to stop Cordelia in her tracks before she can even initiate the attack after she teleports away. A good ability to use is the harpoon impalement since it not only staggers her but also brings her to you to deal damage.

Once her health is at 50 percent, she will start summoning lightning to strike you where you stand. Just run and strafe from the spots that are marked and rush at her with a staggering ability. Have patience one last time to finally defeat Cordelia and rid the world of the Daughters of Cordelia.

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