Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Every Character You Can Romance Throughout The Game

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Every Character You Can Romance Throughout The Game

One aspect of the game that players often crave to learn about in Assassin’s Creed is the numerous romance options available, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is no different. There are several romantic encounters that Eivor can have throughout the game, and they include both male and female partners. Some of them can change the outcome of your story, while others are there just for fun.

Eivor is highly sought after, and whether you choose the male or female version of this character, all of the options will be available to you. Keep reading to learn about each of the romantic encounters Eivor can have so you can decide which ones you want to pursue!


Bil is the first character you will have a chance to interact with romantically, but you have to complete her request in order to do so. She asks you to bring her the comb that is hidden in Rygjafylke in Norway down in the water. A good tip is to dive in and focus on the left side of the lake as her comb is tucked away in a tunnel.


You will meet Broder, and his brother Brothir, while completing the East Anglia storyline. Oswald’s wedding will open up the possibility for Eivor to become romantically involved with Broder. However, after the deed is done make sure to thank him by his name otherwise he will become infuriated and think Eivor believed him to be his brother the entire time, even though it does make for some great memes.


Eivor first meets Stowe in Lunden, but his romance option is a misnomer as he can’t actually be romanced. You can flirt with him and propose a romantic encounter and he will turn down the offer. When you progress through the story you will learn that his heart actually belongs to Erke, as you will eventually catch them together near the end of completing Lunden’s alliance quests.


The first step to unlocking Petra as a love interest is to build the Hunter’s Hut, but these feelings won’t grow until Eivor agrees to help her find Wallace when he goes missing. You can then choose the option to spend a bit more time with Petra, which pits you against one another in an archery contest.

Whether you win or lose you will be given the option to enter into a more serious relationship with her, which is one of the best things about the game. You can choose to go on more dates with her, or even break up with her, although you can still have other romances while dating Petra.


Gunlodr can be found in Jotunheim and she is an ice giantess, as well as the daughter of the king of this land. If you find Thor’s Bridal Circlet you can give this to her and then the romance option will be open for you to pursue. It ends with her passed out on the hay and you can go on your merry way as Havi to continue exploring this unique world.


Once you have access to the Glowecestrescire region then you will be able to meet a man named Tewdwr, who will be open to your advances. He is a friend of Gunnar’s, the blacksmith in Raventhorpe who upgrades armor, and his plan was to propose to a woman named Brigid.

You will be able to drink with him during Samhain which will start your relationship. It doesn’t progress until after you complete The Burning of the Wicker Man as a letter will be sent to you requesting your romancing.


Stigr is a fellow flyter, and all you have to do is beat him in a flyting match in order to unlock this romance. He is located in Snotinghamscire in Hemthorpe, and the focus of his flyting is to be seductive. When it is over you will have the chance to take things further, or you can deny the exchange and head on your way to your next adventure.


Tarben runs the bakery at Raventhorpe, so first you must build this within your settlement. He will ask to go on a fishing trip with you where he will confess his feelings for you along the ride, which means the fishing hut also has to be built in order for this to happen. This is another romance that can become more permanent, but it does mean you will have to leave Petra behind.


Vili’s romance can be unlocked by completing the Snotinghamscire story arc, and he is the son of the Jarl of this region and the possible successor. Eivor has known him for years, and they reminisce on how they could have been romantically involved long before now. They ultimately decide that a serious relationship isn’t for them, but choosing Trygve to be the next Jarl will allow him to become one of your Jomsvikings.


This romance isn’t unlocked until your Raventhorpe reaches level three, and it is the only romance that will affect the story. She will ask to go on an adventure, so you will journey with her to Grantebridge where Eivor will share a moment with her as the day ends. However, this will strain your relationship with Sigurd, as it is his wife after all, but there is still a chance later in the game to create a romance if you still have some lingering questions.

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