Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Everything You Need To Know About Dual-Wielding

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Everything You Need To Know About Dual-Wielding

A specialty combat ability is called Dual-Wielding in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and some players love to utilize this perk. It allows you to hold a two-handed weapon, and another weapon at the same time. It isn’t for everyone, as it is still a heavy build and the swings are slow, but with a few pointers, it could become your favorite combat style.

It will be a huge adjustment if you are used to two Bearded Axes, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible to make the switch. All it takes is a little time, patience, perseverance, and the tips in this guide to learn to love this combat style!

Unlock The Skill

The first step to being able to Dual-Wield at all is to unlock the skill from the skill tree. You will need at least 21 skill points, and that’s if you make a direct beeline for this from the start. It is in the bear section of the tree all the way to the left, but it might be worth acquiring some of these other skills first.

This skill will allow you to wield another weapon alongside your heavy weapon, but it doesn’t have to be another heavy weapon. You could choose a hammer, shield, or even a dagger if you like, as it just depends on how slow, yet powerful, you want to be.

Types Of Two-Handed Weapons

  • Dane Axes
  • Great Swords
  • Spears

Combat Controls

The combat controls become a little more confusing when you decide to Dual-Wield, but they basically stay the same as if you had a one-handed weapon in each hand. The only difference comes into play when you go to use your weapon’s special ability, which is something it only has when Dual-Wielding. The special attacks will also not stop until you run out of stamina and are great to use against the hardest bosses.

The controls you will use are as follows (PlayStation/Xbox/PC):

  • Right-Hand Light Swing: R1/RB/Left Mouse Button
  • Right-Hand Heavy Swing: R2/RT/Shift + Left Mouse Button
  • Left-Hand Block or Parry: Tap L1/LB/Q
  • Left-Hand Special: Hold Down L1/LB/Q

Weapon Special Abilities

A few of the special abilities that the weapons have when Dual-Wielding include:

  • Great Sword: Running Charge
  • Bearded Axe: Multiple Quick Axe Swings
  • Flail: Continuous Spinning Attack
  • Dane Axe: Damaging Spin Move
  • Spear: Lunge Forward To Stab Enemy Then Thrust To Throw Them
  • Hammer: Ground Slam

Combat Tips

There are a few tips that can make Dual-Wielding even easier, but even with these tips, it will take a bit of practice. You will just want to keep them in the back of your mind when creating your Dual-Wield as you adjust your choice of weapons, as well as your attack style.

The tips are as follows:

  • If you constantly find yourself at low health you might want to consider equipping a shield to help with blocking incoming attacks
  • It will not increase your damage or speed, but the special abilities are the bonus that makes up for this fact
  • Don’t forget about your weapon’s special ability, otherwise, you might as well just go back to wielding a single two-handed weapon

Other Helpful Skills

A few other skills can be helpful when choosing to Dual-Wield as they enhance this ability by making it more versatile if you want an overpowered character. You obviously need the Heavy Dual-Wielding skill, but some others might come in handy in certain situations with these weapons.

The skills you should look to acquire are:

Dual Swap

Switches the weapons in your hands and allows you to use another weapon’s special ability.

Adrenaline Fiend

Gives you a damage boost when one or more adrenaline bars are filled, which is a great addition due to the slow movement of this combat style.


When you land successful melee attacks it will refill the red portion of your health bar, which can help when you don’t have any rations or don’t want to use them.

Best Dual-Wield Pairings

You could equip a multitude of weapons together, as this combat style is one of the best things about the game, but some pairings are better than others. The most overpowered weapon you could use is the spear, which is why it is included in so many suggested pairings. Its special ability is why so many crave to use it as it deals so much more damage than other weapon’s abilities, not to mention its long reach.

Any two-handed weapon with a shield is also an excellent choice no matter the situation, especially when equipped with the best runes, which is why they weren’t included in the best pairings. It is really up to you to decide what works best for you, but they each have their own perks and it also depends upon which special weapon ability you prefer.

The various pairings include:

  • Hammer and Great Sword
  • Spear and Axe
  • Two Spears
  • Great Sword and Hammer
  • Spear and Hammer
  • Two Dane Axes
  • Two Great Swords

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